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Free Download: Ultimate DevOps Certification Guide

by Team Nuggets
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Updated on August 18, 2022

DevOps can be described as a mindset, philosophy, and a toolkit. DevOps is all of those things — and today it’s also an established, burgeoning career field. Landing a job in DevOps comes down to your skills and experience. Earning DevOps certifications help validate that you have knowledge that’s transferable across DevOps roles and industries.  Studying for a certification also enables you to learn how to use and master the DevOps tools that are required for in-demand roles such as DevOps engineer. To be a successful DevOps pro, you need a skill set that includes a little bit of everything — from the cloud to programming. 

Use our free DevOps Cert Guide to learn about every DevOp-related certification available, including certs from top vendors like AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud Platform. Each chapter covers a different vendor and is ordered from foundational level to expert level, allowing you to find the certifications that best suit your experience level and career goals. 

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Intro to DevOps

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What You'll Learn in this DevOps Certification Guide

This 63-page guide to DevOps certifications has valuable information on how to succeed in a DevOps career. The guide offers tips and advice on the most sought-after DevOps-related skills,  which topics to study for ahead of each certification, as well as insight to certain roles that a DevOps certified pro would be qualified for. You'll also find exam-specific information about the following certifications:

DevOps Certifications

AWS Certifications

Azure Certifications

Google Cloud Certifications

  • Google Cloud Digital Leader

  • Google Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE)

  • Google Professional Cloud Architect (PCA)

  • Google Professional Data Engineer (PDE)

  • Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer (PCDE)

  • Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer (PCSE)

  • Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer (PCNE) 

  • Google Professional Cloud Developer (PCD)

  • Google Professional Collaboration Engineer (PCE) 

  • Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer (PMLE) 

  • Google G Suite Certification

  • Google Associate Android Developer (AAD)

  • TensorFlow Developer

Studying for a DevOps certification won’t be easy — but it pays to be prepared on test day. The  Ultimate DevOps Cert Guide is free to download, and will help you plan for your next DevOps certification. 

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