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Intro to Cybersecurity

by Dan
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Published on March 6, 2019

Why do hackers hack? The obvious reason is that they want to steal or cheat, or get something they want through criminal activity, but there's more to it than just holding up a liquor store. Sometimes it's the thrill of seeing what you're capable of. Sometimes it's the thrill of going where someone doesn't want you to be, being smarter than everyone else. Hackers are categorized as either "white hat" or "black hat", with the white hat typically meaning legal and the black hat illegal. Being a white hat hacker, or an IT security professional in general, includes all the thrills without the inevitable jail time. The IT security professional is like the police officer for business, governments, families, etc. The IT security professional helps to keep us all safe. Oh, and there's tons of money in it for you.

It's an exciting and lucrative career path. No matter what you know or can do today, after watching these 7 videos, you'll have the confidence, the knowledge, and the ability to start your learning path. The training on this page is available free of charge. Once you've completed it, go to CBT Nuggets, sign up for a monthly or annual subscription and start your lifelong learning journey.

Video 1: Introduction (8:21)

If this is your first experience with Keith, then you're in for a treat. Keith is ridiculously smart and loves to teach. You can hear the excitement in his voice. If you listen carefully, you'll be able to hear when he's smiling (which is most of the time). When talking to Keith, either in person or on the phone, he is the same guy you're about to hear, a gifted individual who was born to teach. This video will inspire you. Don't let it intimidate you. Everything you see here will be in your comfort zone once you start your cybersecurity journey — and continue with more advanced security courses.

• • •

Video 2: Careers in Cybersecurity (5:26)

Regardless of your title, a career in cybersecurity means you're a protector. This video will show you how to see the kinds of jobs that are available and the skills those jobs are looking for. Remember, every skill you see that you don't have is an opportunity to become a better you, and there's plenty of time for you to learn. Start a habit today of spending 20 minutes per day learning something, and you'll be amazed by what you can accomplish.

• • •

Video 3: Roles and Responsibilities (6:59)

This video will show you some different titles and responsibilities of IT security professionals. Realize that these titles and functions are based on the jobs of today. The exciting thing about cybersecurity jobs is that they are always evolving to meet the needs of the threats that exist. One thing you can rely on though, is the fact that 100% of the expertise you gain today, tomorrow, and throughout your journey will make you more confident, capable and rewarded in whatever your job function happens to be.

• • •

Video 4: Firewalls (7:59)

The next time you're in a hotel, check out the giant doors held open by a magnet that you'll find in a lot of the hallways. That's a firewall. In the case of a fire, that magnet releases, the door closes, and the fire should stay in that portion of the building. Well, the Internet is a fire that rages all the time. We build firewalls, either as physical devices you can bang your knee on, or as software that's running somewhere. The key is that the firewall is connected both the Internet and to our "safe" network. Unlike a firewall in a hotel though, we need little protected holes in our network firewall so we can do business, so the "good" traffic can come and go as it pleases. Keith shows you how the firewall is a staple of the cybersecurity professional's world.

• • •

Video 5: VPNs (6:40)

Back in the day, when you worked from home, you either used the Internet without accessing the corporate network, or you dialed your modem to connect to the corporate network. It was one or the other, but not both. One of the early IT jobs was to manage the telephone lines connected to the modems that were pooled together so the company's workers could dial in from home or on the road. Pain. In. The. Butt. This happened primarily for security reasons. We can't just make our company resources available for everyone on the Internet to use right? The creation of the VPN allowed companies to maintain security and also stop using telephone lines to provide access outside of the building. A VPN uses your Internet connection to connect "privately" to a network far, far away. Think of it like a private Hyperloop that zooms through the Internet, using the Internet to get to your office building, with Internet chaos and skulduggery all around you, but you're safe and warm inside. Keith explains the VPN in this video. Don't worry about understanding everything Keith talks about here. Remember the goal is exposure, inspiration, and confidence.

• • •

Video 6: Real World Scenario (9:22)

Keith takes you through an example of a security incident that happened in 2018. It's unbelievable how big the scale of security incidents can be. Armed with your knowledge, expertise, and experience, imagine all the good "future-you" can do.

• • •

Video 7: What to do Now (7:45)

It's motivation time. Keith believes in you, all of us at CBT Nuggets believe in you. You took the first step by watching this set of videos. Watch this last video to push yourself over the top. We want "future-you" to be exactly the "future-you" you want him/her to be.

• • •

Here's what you should do next:

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  • Commit to training for 30 minutes a day, five days a week. You'll be surprised what you can learn in 10 hours per month.


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