Cybersecurity in the Real World

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Garth Schulte
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Intro to Cybersecurity FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this introduction to cyber security training?

This introductory course to cyber security is all about the simple and approachable basics of a huge and complicated industry: cyber security. With a focus on eventually landing a job in the cybersecurity field, this course covers technologies, concepts, jobs, and threats to businesses in the digital world.

Who should take this introductory cyber security course?

This course is great for practically everyone with questions about cyber security. That means it's a good resource for students who want to eventually get a really good job in IT or cybersecurity, but also for non-technical professionals who don't really understand what a VPN or a firewall even is.

Is this introductory training in cyber security associated with any certifications?

No, a strength of this introductory cyber security course is that it's not designed to help learners pass an exam or prepare for any particular certification. The field of cybersecurity is massive, and this course introduces all the different vendors, technologies and companies that make it possible – not just one.

What certification should you consider after taking this introductory course in cyber security?

As you take this introductory cyber security course, you might find that you like the broad approach to learning cybersecurity. If you want to pursue a certification that's also vendor-agnostic and respected by the entire IT community, the Security+ from CompTIA is a good place to start.

Why should you take this introductory cyber security training?

You should take this introductory cyber security training because it's fast and easy and the alternative is making really bad choices while online and on your network. This course doesn't go into the weeds on anything – it just explains the most important security concepts for users of technology today.
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