Cisco CCNP Security

Cisco professional certification

3 to 5 years experience recommended

Exams Towards this Certification

This intermediate Cisco training prepares learners to earn the CCNP Security certification, which means earning two exams — one core exam (350-701 SCOR) and one of six concentration exams: 300-710 SNCF, 300-715 SISE, 300-720 SESA, 300-725 SWSA, 300-730 SVPN, or 300-735 SAUTO.

Hopefully anyone who's looking into the CCNP Security doesn't need to be told that it's a hallmark of cybersecurity professionalism around the IT world. If your organization uses Cisco technologies in their networks or systems, the CCNP Security is simply one of the best tools to demonstrate advanced proficiency in implementing the core security technologies that Cisco has available — and they're legion. Whether it's for networks, cloud, endpoints, network access or visibility, Cisco's next-generation firewalls and adaptive security appliance firewalls are unrivaled in their capacity in securing and providing advanced threat protection. This training will prepare you to take the test that proves your expertise in them. For managers with Cisco products, this Cisco training can be used for 300-715 SISE exam prep, onboarding new security professionals, individual or team training plans, or as a Cisco reference resource.

CCNP Security: What You Need to Know

This CCNP Security training has videos that cover topics such as:

  • Recognizing and managing common security threats and countermeasures
  • Selecting and configuring appropriate network infrastructure security methods
  • Managing advanced security configurations in the cloud
  • Relying on web security features to provide content security
  • Configuring endpoint-based security
  • Deploying network telemetry and network access solutions

Who Should Take CCNP Security Training?

This CCNP Security training is considered professional-level Cisco training, which means it was designed for security professionals with three to five years of experience with Cisco security.

New or aspiring security professionals

If you're completely brand new to the cybersecurity career field, be sure that the CCNP Security certifying exam isn't a bigger challenge than you're prepared for. This training can help you prepare for it, but it does rely on extensive foundational knowledge in cybersecurity practices.

Experienced security professionals

If you've got several years of experience in cybersecurity, the CCNP Security should be a milestone you're planning for, and this training can help make sure you reach it. By now in your career, you may have encountered many of the elements featured in the exam, but this training makes sure there's nothing you might have overlooked or not experienced.

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