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This Week: All About Ansible

by Josh Adams
This Week: All About Ansible picture: A
Published on October 21, 2017

This week on the CBT Nuggets blog, we explored all the possibilities that automation brings to IT and we learned all about Ansible, an automation software that can help you put all the pieces into place.

Celebrating CBT Nuggets trainer Shawn Powers' new course, Ansible Essentials, we went over the importance of automation in IT, how Ansible can fit into your IT security practices, and talked with Shawn about how you can automate your IT career with Ansible.

  • How Important is Automation in IT? As IT environments grow more complex, processes need to be followed in order to make sure that applications are deployed and implemented correctly. Checking off every box to get you there might seem like a mind-numbing task, but this is where automation software, like Ansible, comes into play.

  • 4 Reasons to Switch to Ansible If you're looking to automate your processes for software development, you might notice that most automation products are either too complex or too rigid for your team's needs. But Red Hat's Ansible is becoming the go-to solution for many IT operations. Discover four reasons that you should consider switching to Ansible.

  • Automate Your IT Career with Ansible Automation should make your career easier, not nonexistent. Whether you're trying to better manage your servers, or show its advantages to your business, automation software can free up time to work on the projects that need your attention. Join us as CBT Nuggets trainer Shawn Powers explains how to get the most out of Ansible in our latest webinar.

  • Ansible: A Power Player in Red Hat's Reinvention When thinking of Red Hat, the first product that comes to mind for most people is OpenShift, their container platform. But Ansible is emerging as one of the best tools on the DevOps market. This tool, along with the rest of Red Hat's product suite, are signs of simpler way to deliver IT.

  • Can Ansible Fit into Your IT Security Practices? You may have thought about automating some processes in your IT business, but what about security? The idea of IT security may seem more reactive and less preventative, but you'd be surprised how much of being secure is applying standards and fixing known vulnerabilities. Find out how Ansible can help make your organization more secure.


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