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3 Tech Certs Every Non-Technical Person Should Have

by Raju Woodward
3 Tech Certs Every Non-Technical Person Should Have picture: A
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Published on August 15, 2018

Today's global economy relies and thrives on technology. Having basic tech skills is crucial to being successful, across about every industry and job role. Earning a certification is an effective way to develop and gain tech skills. Think tech certs are only for those who work in tech? Think again.

Whether you're a CEO or a receptionist, there are certs that will assist your day-to-day responsibilities. We've identified three tech certifications that even the most non-tech-savvy people should earn.

1. CompTIA A+

There's debate among IT pros about the value of CompTIA A+ certification. Some say it's too easy and experience isn't necessary. Others, such as CBT Nuggets trainer Anthony Sequeira, believe it's an ideal starting point for a career in tech. But earning A+ certification is worthwhile — even without IT-specific aspirations

The entry-level cert covers a lot of general info that can be helpful in about every office. Have you ever needed to troubleshoot your computer? Or dealt with a printer issue? Of course, you have. We've all had to rely on IT for help at some point.

The A+, which consists of two exams, provides the knowledge and skills to tackle both of those issues — and then some. You'll also learn about common hardware and software, networking basics, and even dabble with IT security.  

Because A+ is vendor-neutral, the concepts and theories it covers are applicable all around. For example, you should be able to troubleshoot basic networking issues, regardless of what type of router you're using. That said, the cert focuses a bit on Windows, which is still the dominant enterprise operating system.

The A+ can benefit anyone who uses computers on a daily basis, which is just about everyone.

2. Scrum Product Owner

Project management is crucial to the success of any organization. Regardless of your role, earning a certification, like the Certified Scrum Product Owner, is a smart move. You'll gain a better understanding of effective project management and improve your soft skills in the process.

Certified Scrum Product Owner emphasizes Agile, a growing project management approach. Intended for software developers, Agile focuses on team interaction, customer collaboration, and of course, flexibility. It's an iterative and incremental approach that helps teams deliver products. As a result, Agile has gained momentum across a wide range of industries.

The Certified Scrum Product Owner gets you up to speed on Agile terms, processes, and methods. Having that knowledge can make you a more active participant during projects. You'll feel more empowered to share input, for example, if you understand how sprints work.

Earning Certified Scrum Product Owner will improve your communication and collaboration skills. In today's global workforce, these soft skills are crucial to project success. To be a successful PM, you must be a good listener and be able to empathize. If you have management aspirations, Certified Scrum Project Owner certification can help you develop organizational and leadership skills.

More orgs outside of tech are using Agile, making this certification is worth earning — even if you aren't working with software developers.

3. MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Core

When it comes to business operations in the 21st century, data is the lifeblood. But having a lot of information isn't valuable unless you can organize, understand, and communicate with it. There is no better basic tool for data purposes than Microsoft Excel. And that's why MOS: Microsoft Excel Core 2016 makes our list.

You're likely familiar with Excel, but do you know how to manage data cells and ranges? Have you ever wondered how to create formulas? And how do you take all that data and make it presentable? Excel contains many useful features that increase productivity, whether you're managing inventory or tracking campaigns.

A lot of Excel features aren't used to their full capacity. For example, many of Excel's data visualization tools are minimally used. Did you know you can create hierarchy charts? Or transform data into images? Being able to create charts, pivot tables, and 3D maps will take your presentation skills to a new level.

Our Microsoft Excel 2016 course is helpful for learners of all skill levels. Trainer Simona Millham is all about helping people unlock the potential of Excel 2016, including how to make boring spreadsheets pop.

Taking numbers and making them easy to digest and understand is a valuable skill in any industry. The MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Core cert is one that everyone should consider earning.

The cert journey will benefit you, too

Earning a certification proves your commitment to learning. Studying for a cert can be a challenging, long process. But you'll develop habits that can apply to your job, like time management and improved attention to detail.

Consider the tech you rely on at work or think about a platform you wish you knew how to use. There's a likely a related certification that you should earn. If a cert can improve your productivity and confidence, certification is a no-brainer. Happy studying!


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