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CompTIA Project+ (PK0-005) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is the Project+ from CompTIA worth it?

Yes, the Project+ from CompTIA is a well-rounded and robust project management credential that's worth it for most managers, project leads, or project coordinators. Coming from CompTIA, you might assume it's only meant for IT projects, but that's not the case: the Project+ is a good choice for management-related professionals in multiple fields. That said, there may be better project management certs for managers already working in especially large bureaucracies or organizations with exacting and specific project norms and expectations.

How much does the Project+ from CompTIA cost?

With no prerequisite courses or certifications to earn before you can attempt the test, the total cost of the Project+ is $358, which comes from the price of the PK0-005 exam. Since the Project+ material is vendor-agnostic and intended for general purpose project management, the exam can be on the challenging side even for experienced project leads – you might want to add the cost of training and preparatory materials to the $358 price tag for the CompTIA Project+

How difficult is the Project+ exam PK0-005?

Project management certifications are notoriously challenging in that they tend to involve a lot of memorization of specifics about certain project management methodologies. Unfortunately, even though the Project+ doesn't subscribe to any one framework, it's not an especially easy exam. In fact, some people call the Project+ one of the hardest project management certification exams they've taken because it tries to find a middle distance between all the major frameworks.

Does the Project+ credential expire?

No! Unlike all the other certifications CompTIA maintains and most other project management certifications, the Project+ is good for life. Once you've earned the Project+, you don't need to renew it, take additional continuing education credits, or take any additional exams to maintain the cert – it's a lifetime credential.

How to study for the PK0-005 exam for Project+?

Many people have mixed feelings about project management certifications and exams due to the diversity of approaches in different organizations and the various project management frameworks that are available. The Project+ exam tests your familiarity with similarities between many of those frameworks while also providing a set of guidelines to follow universally. Passing the PK0-005 is unlikely without specialized preparation in the form of an online course designed specifically to explain the Project+ and its exam's unique concepts and terminology.
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