Agile Essentials Online Training

  • Simona Millham

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Agile Essentials Online Training

In this entry-level Agile skills training, Simona Millham covers the fundamentals of Agile, a software development philosophy focusing on team interactions, customer collaboration, and flexibility to create a working product.

Agile Essentials: What You Need to Know

This Agile Essentials training covers Agile methodology topics including:

Who Should Take Agile Essentials Training?

This Agile Essentials training is considered foundational Agile training, which means it was designed for project managers and IT professionals with zero Agile experience or knowledge.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Agile Principles and Terminology

Entry 50 mins7 videos

Agile Product Planning

Entry 36 mins8 videos

Agile Development and Review

Entry 37 mins8 videos