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Top 3 Cloud Certifications to Earn in 2024

Top 3 Cloud Certifications to Earn in 2023
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Published on April 24, 2023

The cloud has been adopted by organizations, large and small, helping them reduce costs and physical infrastructure, improve cybersecurity, and easily back up data. Because of this growth, businesses across all industries are on the lookout for certified cloud experts to help manage their systems.

This article will discuss the top three cloud certifications to earn in 2024 and the types of roles available for certified cloud computing engineers. 

Why You Should Earn a Cloud Certification in 2024

Gaining hands-on experience is the key factor when being considered for a cloud computing role, but many organizations also place great importance on earning the right certifications. This is because leading certifications show that professionals have in-depth knowledge and can apply it in various situations.

Certifications effectively indicate your level of knowledge and show that you have expertise in terms of using various cloud solutions. As an in-demand career, top cloud certifications can help you stand out from the crowd. 

With the average annual salary for cloud computing professionals in the U.S. currently around $81,519, many IT professionals, including software developers, are retraining to specialize in cloud computing. And a certification from the likes of AWS, Azure, or Google can be extremely beneficial for demonstrating their skills and expertise. 

Cloud training offered by CBT Nuggets can help you learn cloud computing skills, expand your existing cloud computing knowledge, and help you apply this knowledge to real-life scenarios, giving you a great platform to begin a career as a cloud computing professional.

The Benefits of Earning a Cloud Certification

Earning a cloud computing certification can:

  • Boost your earning potential

  • Increase job security

  • Validate your skills and give your resume more credibility

  • Catch the attention of potential employers

  • Help you begin a career in the booming cloud computing industry

Ready to Learn AWS Skills in 2024?

AWS is the undisputed leader in the cloud computing market. If you’ve been thinking about earning a certification or upskilling this year, learning AWS is as safe a bet as any. Find the online AWS training you need at CBT Nuggets. 

No matter if you are brand new to the cloud or a seasoned networking pro, our courses can get you up to speed on the latest AWS technologies and best practices. Our AWS cloud training maps to highly valued certifications — and covers skills that many organizations desperately need. 

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Top 3 Cloud Certifications to Earn in 2024

This section will discuss the top three cloud certifications to earn in 2024 — focusing on the costs, what is being tested, and how you will be assessed. These are three of the best cloud certifications to earn because they are from the three largest and most widely used cloud vendors. 

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect - Associate

Cost: $150. 

Average Completion Time: 4 months

Format: Multiple-choice exam

The AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certification tests an individual’s ability to deploy, manage, and make changes to a range of Amazon Web Services which is currently the leading cloud platform. The certification is achieved by passing a multiple-choice exam after about four months of study.

Earning this cloud certification shows that an individual can employ standard technical concepts related to AWS cloud engineering, appealing to employers who use AWS services.

Individuals will be tested on the following:

  • Deployment and management (AWS Management Console)

  • Computation, networking, storage, and database processes of AWS services

  • The basic architectural principles of building in AWS

  • Global AWS infrastructure

  • AWS Identity and Access

  • Related network technology

  • Data lakes

This certification is considered the next step after completing the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification, which is aimed at people who are just getting to grips with the platform. Usually, the exam is completed by professionals who are only a few months into an AWS-related role to show that they understand the fundamentals.

2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Cost: $99

Average Completion Time: 5 months

Format: 85-minute exam consisting of various question types

Microsoft Azure is the second largest cloud platform after AWS in terms of market share, making it an extremely useful platform to know. The AZ-900 exam, used in this foundational certification, features technical and non-technical questions designed for professionals who work in several different roles. This certification is perfect for getting to grips with the fundamentals of Azure.

Individuals will be tested on the following:

  • Using standard cloud tools

  • The benefits of cloud services

  • The differences between various cloud services (IaaS vs. PaaS, for example)

  • Core cloud concepts, solutions, and management

  • Containerization (Kubernetes and database services)

  • Basic cloud and network security

The next step after the Azure Fundamentals certification would be the Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Developer Associate certification, should an individual want to expand their knowledge base and apply for more technical roles.

3. Google Associate Cloud Engineer

Cost: $125

Average Completion Time: 6+ months

Format: Multiple-choice exam

The third biggest cloud platform is Google Cloud, and the Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification shows an understanding of basic Google Cloud competencies. These competencies can range from setting up a cloud environment, managing storage and database systems, and configuring user access to setting up security measures.

Individuals will be tested on the following:

  • Setting up a cloud solution and creating a new project

  • Managing users in Cloud Identity

  • Planning and configuring compute resources

  • Managing data storage and network resources

  • Managing billing configuration

  • Managing a Virtual Machine (VM)

  • Deploying the Google Kubernetes engine and related-applications

As well as advancing cloud engineering skills, IT professionals are also looking at the machine learning market as a possible career choice, which is expected to grow by 23% between now and 2032.

Cloud Security Jobs for Certified Engineers

According to TechTarget, the top six cloud computing roles in 2023 are:

  1. Cloud Administrator. Ensures the functionality of an organization’s cloud infrastructure 

  2. Cloud Support Engineer.  Assists business teams and clients with troubleshooting issues in cloud software 

  3. Cloud Security Analyst. Evaluates the security technologies and protocols in a cloud environment 

  4. Cloud Network Engineer. Manages and implements networks in a cloud infrastructure (such as wide area networks or local area networks)

  5. Cloud Software Engineer. Oversees maintenance and support for an organization’s cloud infrastructure 

  6. Cloud Automation Engineer. Develops either the backend code or frontend user experience in an organization’s cloud infrastructure 

Final Thoughts

The cloud market is growing at an astonishing rate, and more and more IT professionals are looking to develop their skills in terms of using the leading cloud platforms. This is why top cloud certifications such as AWS Solutions Architect, Azure Fundamentals, and Google Associate Cloud Engineer are in high demand. 


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