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CERT NEWS: LPIC-2 v4.0 Exams Retiring

by Karin Klinger
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Published on June 14, 2017

The Linux Professional Institute will retire its LPIC-2 v4.0 exams on August 1, 2017. The v4.5 exams are already active and available for those who are just getting started toward their LPIC-2 certification.

However, for those who may have already started working toward their LPIC-2 cert, or perhaps even those who have already passed the first of the two exams, it would be wise to step on the proverbial gas pedal in order to successfully complete their studies and take the exam(s) before they're gone for good.

I'm Just Getting Started

If you're just getting started on your training to earn your LPIC-2 certification, the best course of action is to start with v4.5 exams. Don't bother taking on the v4.0 exams because they will only be available for a few more weeks. Take your time. Learn the materials for v4.5 well, and crush your v4.5 exams when you're ready.

I'm Halfway Through v4.0 Exam 201

This is the trickiest situation. There is certainly time for you to complete your studies for Exam 201 before v4.0 is retired, but probably not enough time to complete both Exam 201 and Exam 202. So, you're faced with a difficult decision: Press on to complete your studies for v4.0 Exam 201, knowing you'll probably have to complete v4.5 for Exam 202; OR give up on your v4.0 training and commit to v4.5 for Exam 201 and Exam 202. Fortunately, you can mix and match v4.0 and v4.5 exams to complete your LPIC-2 certification.

I Already Passed v4.0 Exam 201! Bring on Exam 202!

Good for you! You're halfway there! This is your chance to buckle down and knock out your remaining training in order to take exam 202 v4.0 before it goes the way of the Dodo on August 1, 2017. Here's a quick outline of how you can break your training down over the next several weeks and pass your 202 exam.

This Week:

Week 2:

  • Watch videos 4-10.

  • Spend some time labbing it up to get the hands-on practice you need to really understand the content.

  • Review the exam objectives and use them to guide your ongoing training.

  • Create flashcards to help you remember critical information, acronyms, terms, and processes. Consider using a resource like or to get you started.

Week 3:

  • Watch videos 11-18.

  • Practice, practice, practice! It's not enough to just watch the videos in Shawn's course. Practice what you're learning along the way to help ensure that you're really understanding the material.

  • Take a practice exam. Keep in mind that you're not even halfway through your training yet, so you probably won't ace the exam. Taking a practice exam at this stage does three important things for you:

  • Affirms that what you've learned so far is sticking!

  • Creates a baseline against which you can measure your performance on future practice exams.

  • Provides you with a sense of direction for your ongoing training. Your practice exam will help you identify gaps in your understanding so you can do some extra study to fill in those gaps.

Week 4:

  • Watch videos 19-25.

  • Officially schedule and register for your exam. Make sure you reserve space to take the v4.0 exam before it retires August 1, 2017. Exam registration is available through Pearson Vue, or you can purchase an LPI exam voucher. Heads up: the exam is going to cost you $188 (USD).

  • Get familiar with the exam details:

  • Time allotted for exams: 90 minutes

  • Number of questions: 60

  • Passing score: 500 (of 800 possible points)

  • Question types: Multiple choice/multiple answer; multiple choice/single answer; fill-in-the-blank

  • Review Pearson's LPIC-2 Exam Profile for more information on the exam, preparation hints, trouble spots, and more.

Week 5:

  • Watch videos 26-33.

  • Retake your practice exam. You should see a significant improvement over your last performance. Keep track of questions, topics, or specific content that gives you trouble so you can study up in those areas later.

  • Return to your flashcards! Make sure you are really mastering the content. Rote memorization will help you work through certain sections of the certification exam quickly and effectively.

  • Take some time to continue practicing what you're learning. Practice makes perfect!

Week 6:

  • Watch videos 34-39.

  • Get your hands dirty with some more practice! Practicing your skills is the best way to solidify your knowledge and understanding ahead of your exam!

  • Get a good night's sleep the night before your exam! Eat a reasonable breakfast (or lunch), and be sure to avoid over-caffeinating! Nobody wants to be hungry or jittery during the exam!

Follow this plan and you can earn your LPIC-2 v4.0 certification before it retires! Happy training!


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