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How to Configure a UCCX Application

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Published on July 7, 2022

Have you ever wondered how you create a new IVR for a business? If you use Cisco UCCX, creating a new IVR isn't hard. However, you need to configure various mechanisms in Cisco UCCX to make that IVR work. One of the main things you need to do is create a new UCCX application, but how do you do that? That's what we are going to discuss today. 

An Overview of How to Configure UCCX Applications

In this video, CBT Nuggets trainer Lalo Nunez covers how you create a Cisco UCCX application and the components required to make that application work.

How to Configure UCCX Applications

  1. Log in to the Cisco Unified CCX dashboard. Select Applications from the menu bar and choose Application Management. 

  2. Once on the Application Management dashboard, click the Add New button.

  3. First, choose an application type.

  4. The next screen will have a form for the information required to create our application. First, name the application.

  5. Next, we need to give the application an ID number. The ID needs to be unique. 

  6. After creating a unique ID for the application, define the max number of sessions for this application.

  7. Next, a script needs to be attached to your UCCX application. You can create your own scripts, but we will choose a default script for now. We'll select the first option in the drop-down menu. 

  8. Finally, enter a description for your app. 

  9. You'll also need to select a default script as, too. Think of a default script as an error handler. If a call cannot be routed, the default script will kick in and tell the caller their call cannot be completed at that time. 

  10. Click the Add button to complete the configuration of your new application. 

How to Add UCCX Triggers to Applications

  1. In the new UCCX application configuration screen, there is a link on the left side that says Add New Trigger. Click that link.

  2. On the main page of this window, you will see a drop-down menu. Select Unified CM Telephony Trigger there. Then click Next. 

  3. A config window will appear. The first option is the Directory Number for this trigger. We are going to set it to 1940. This is the number to reach the main IVR for our application. 

  4. Next, change the Language for the trigger.

  5. Now set the device name. 

  6. Also, add a description for the trigger.

  7. Next, select the CCG for this trigger.

  8. Finally, click the Add button to finalize the trigger.

How to Create New Call Control Groups in Cisco UCCX

  1. Log in to the UCCX dashboard. Then select Subsystems from the navigation menu. In Subsystems, select Cisco Unified CM Telephony and then Call Control Group.

  2. In the CCG dashboard, click the Add New button. This will open the Call Control Group configuration window. 

  3. Next, add a descriptor for your new CCG. 

  4. After adding a CCG description, enter the number of ports for this call control group. 

  5. Next, enter a Device Name Prefix.

  6. After adding a Device Name Prefix, choose a Starting Directory Number. Directory numbers will begin with this number and increment for the total number of ports you configured above. For this example, we are going to choose 1900. Therefore ports will be created between 1900-1919.

  7. Next, select your Device Pool, DN Calling Search Space, Location, and Partition from the following drop-down menus. 

  8. Finally, if you click the Show More button if you need to adjust other settings like call waiting music. 

  9. Then click the Add button to finish creating your new Call Control Group. 

How to Learn More About Cisco UCCX

In this post, we covered how to create a Cisco UCCX application and the different components to make that application work. Cisco UCCX has a lot of functions and features, however. There is so much more to learn about Cisco UCCX. 

For instance, maybe you want to learn how to deploy Cisco UCCX? After all, you need a call system in place before you can start getting fancy with your IVR. 

After deploying Cisco UCCX, you might want to get familiar with the UCCX dashboard. Learning how to use UCCX isn't complicated with the right online classes. 

Understanding how to manage a Cisco UCCX environment is a degree in itself. Cisco is the market leader in enterprise telephony systems. CBT Nuggets has plenty of online classes to learn Cisco UCCX, from deploying to managing all the way to fine-tuning your organization’s telephone systems.


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