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Azure DevOps vs AWS DevOps: Cloud Leaders Compared

If you are unsure which cloud platform to choose for your DevOps learning path, read on.

Azure DevOps vs AWS DevOps
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Published on June 13, 2023

One thing is certain: cloud-based services are not going anywhere. That means DevOps experience will remain in high demand, offering you an exciting and challenging career path that enables you to build, maintain and deliver software at a high level.

However, as you move forward, should you focus on building your expertise in Azure DevOps or AWS DevOps? In this article, we compare the two and offer insights that can help drive your decision.

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is the platform that cloud-based software development and delivery is carried out on for Microsoft clients. Azure has tools, systems and services that allow DevOps engineers to plan, develop and test software and improve it with continuous integration. 

There is a plethora of tools that make the job of DevOps easier for engineers to develop and deliver solutions, while maintaining the daily operations of the business. Features and tools that Azure offers to DevOps engineers include:

  • Azure Repos. This is a great way to store code and act as a version control for your software projects. It offers a convenient way to add and contribute to projects and collaborate with everyone working on the project.

  • Azure Boards. It enables you to track your teams’ progress on their tasks, update boards, and add notes as you work through projects. This gives the team visibility and lets everyone know how projects are moving along.

  • Azure Test Plans. Azure Test Plans is a testing service that allows Azure DevOps engineers to test applications either manually or through automation. It also lets Azure DevOps engineers manage and track tests so that there is a clear record of any errors or successful tests. 

  •  Azure Pipelines. The pipeline is where all the automation processes take place and from where software is deployed. It can be integrated with different tools and offers a flexible way for software to be delivered in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

What is AWS DevOps?

AWS DevOps has similar features to Azure DevOps, but with its own AWS features baked in. AWS DevOps integrates with other AWS based services that allow DevOps engineers to provision infrastructure and monitor and manage features and services on AWS Cloud platform.

AWS DevOps also offers similar functionality to Azure and will allow engineers to build applications and services on multiple platforms. Tools and features that AWS offers include:

  • AWS CodeCommit. This is a source control service similar to Azure Repos. It allows for collaboration and is scalable according to demand.

  • AWS CodeBuild. This is a service that lets you run tests and compile source code for deployment. AWS CodeBuild offers similar CI/CD functionality to Azure Pipelines.

  • AWS CodeDeploy. This is a deployment service that allows DevOps engineers to automate software deployments to AWS services like Amazon EC2, AWS Fargate and AWS Lambda.

  • AWS CodePipeline. This is an automated release service that allows applications to be updated rapidly. AWS CodePipeline integrates with AWS and gives organizations the ability to deliver software end-to-end.

Which DevOps Path is Right for You?

Both AWS and Azure are used extensively throughout the industry, so there really is no one right choice. Ultimately, your path should align with the job you are currently in or one you hope to get. If your organization already uses Azure, then Azure DevOps makes more sense than AWS DevOps and vice versa. 

You could make the argument that Microsoft concentrates more on the software development and delivery side of the equation, while Amazon looks towards automation and continuous delivery as their selling points, so that could drive your decision. Still, both platforms, while offering unique experiences, have similar functions and features.

Regardless of which you choose, CBT Nuggets training can help you build both Azure and AWS skills. The AZ-400 is an excellent starting point if you are already working in DevOps but you feel like you want to expand your Azure experience. If you would like to investigate the AWS ecosystem of cloud skills and certifications, check out some of the fundamental AWS training offered by CBT Nuggets.

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