Ross Heintzkill

Me? I'm just a tall, nerdy guy living in Oregon. For 6 years, I was an intelligence analyst for the Air Force -- doing all sorts of secret squirrel stuff. But before that, I made websites all throughout the 2010s. I've lived on both coasts, near both borders and in about a half-dozen states. I embrace the idea of being a 'jack of all trades' enthusiastically. I think the more things I understand even just a little bit, the better chance I have at being a good writer.

Professional Experience:

I hold a Master's degree in Journalism -- an education focused on research, data acquisition and clear communication. I spent six years as a signals intelligence analyst -- an experience filled with high-speed data processing and choosing the right information to pass along. I also developed websites for years -- a job that gave me an appreciation and respect for the depth, complexity and massive size of the IT field.

Topic Expertise:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

Education / Certifications:

Master's in Journalism (and with all the writing I've done for CBT, I could probably ace the A+ or CCNA by now)


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