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How Difficult is the AZ-305 Exam?

How Difficult is the AZ-305 Exam?
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Published on February 13, 2023

Passing the AZ-305 exam and becoming Azure Solutions Architect Expert certified can be excellent for your career. Businesses run in the cloud, and Azure is a leading cloud provider. Plus, cloud architects are in high demand.

Studying for the AZ-305 is likely worth your time and effort. Now let’s talk about what the exam is, how hard the AZ-305 exam is to pass, and what you need to know to pass it. 

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What is the AZ-305 Exam?

The AZ-305 exam is the second step in the Azure certification path for becoming a skilled Azure architect. Passing the AZ-305 exam will earn you the Microsoft Solutions Architect Expert certification. 

The AZ-305 exam isn’t for IT cloud newcomers, and you should have some experience implementing and managing services within Azure. Microsoft recommends that you have this experience: 

  • Designing cloud and hybrid solutions within Azure

  • Configuring advanced networking functions between Azure cloud resources

  • Configuring Azure storage solutions

  • Configuring Azure monitoring solutions and understanding how to read metrics and alerts

  • Configuring advanced security functions between Azure resources such as IAM and data governance policies

You’ll also want experience with the following:

  • Understanding and translating stakeholder business requirements for Azure services

  • Working with developers and administrators to configure cloud resources

Though it’s possible to study for and pass the AZ-305 exam without spending time working in the IT industry, it’s recommended that you have at least a few years of experience working in IT and more specifically, with Azure. Microsoft requires a score of 700 or greater to pass the AZ-305 certification test. 

If you’re familiar with cloud service providers but new to Azure services, take time to learn what Azure has to offer. Though most cloud service providers operate similarly, aspects of Azure are different when compared to other IaaS products. For instance, there are various ways to store data, such as images or videos, in Azure blob storage. Microsoft also has several data governance tools you’ll need to learn how to use.

Azure Solutions Architect Expert Prerequisites

Before attempting the AZ-305 exam, you’ll need to earn the Azure Administrator Associate first. That means passing the AZ-104 exam. The AZ-104 exam is meant for IT techs newer to the Cloud world, and it is considered an entry-level certification. To pass the AZ-104 exam, you will need to understand:

  • Azure cloud fundamentals

  • Azure identity and governance 

  • How to implement and manage Azure storage solutions

  • How to configure and manage private networking

  • How to monitor and maintain Azure resources

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How Much Does the AZ-305 Exam Cost?

The AZ-305 exam proctored by Microsoft costs $165 USD. However, exam costs can vary by the region where the exam is proctored. The listed price does not include the cost of prior prerequisite exams (in this case, the AZ-104 test) or training. 

Microsoft does have a free practice version of the AZ-305 exam that can be utilized to measure your preparedness level before attempting the official proctored test. The AZ-305 certification test is pass or fail, so ensure you are ready before trying it. 

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