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3 Ways to Get Business Wireless Experience

by Jeremy Cioara
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Published on January 11, 2018

Ah … the experience conundrum. You need a job to get experience, and vice versa. This is especially true of the physical, practical skills of wireless networking. So, how do you get experience good enough to put on your resume?

In this 30-minute webinar, Jeremy Cioara shares his tips for getting real-world experience with wireless networks to make you a valuable hire for almost any organization.

Here are a few three ways to get business wireless experience, and a few bonus tasks to complete for your professional development:

0:18 – A journey to the coffee house

2:13 – Learning how to learn

2:37 – Task 1: Familiarize yourself with focused radio frequency

11:05 – Task 2: Learn how to perform a site survey

17:16 – Task 3: Troubleshoot and dream

20:36 – Think of cool ideas — and do them!

23:45 – Learn from Jeremy's new IT Expertise Wireless course


Q&A with Jeremy Cioara

This week, the webinar attendees had another long Q&A with Jeremy. You all had a ton of questions for Jeremy about your careers, wireless equipment, and Jeremy's new course. It was so long (and so good) that we split it into another video entirely.

Here are the timestamps for your questions and Jeremy's answers:

0:36 – Do you think wireless play a big role in the future of IT? (The answer: Yes!)

1:21 – How do you convince a customer they need more wireless access points?

2:52 – What wireless certification would you recommend?

3:57 – What is your opinion about the aggregated wireless that Cisco offers in their C3650 & 3850 switch product lines?

4:36 – How much do you go into security in your new wireless course? (Answer: He doesn't dive deep. The IT expertise is a practical course that follows Jeremy onto a real-world job site.)

5:49 – What is your opinion of Internet of Things (IoT) in relation to future of wireless?

6:52 – How are Ruckus wireless access points?

8:24 – I started my CCNP Wireless certification a few years ago, but didn't take the exam. How much has changed in that timeframe?

9:06 – What do you think about Aruba versus Cisco wireless access points?

10:39 – What do you think about Extreme Networking WAPs?

11:00 – Do you think cloud-managed wireless will make managed controller obsolete?

If you want to learn more, Jeremy can prepare you with practical instruction designed to meet real-world wireless networking needs in his latest course, IT Expertise: Building and Configuring a Business Wireless Network.


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