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Building a Business Wireless Network FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this wireless network training?

You'll learn the actual, real-world steps that go into building a business' wireless network. This course is specially designed to focus only on practical skills and knowledge that make a difference in the real world. You'll learn the right questions to ask and the right tools for the job.

Who should take this building wireless networks course?

This course can help people who want to eventually become network administrators, but it's best for admins with some experience already. By this point, you probably have a constellation of skills and knowledge, but this course will connect the dots and give you real-world experience building wireless networks.

Is this training in building a business wireless network associated with any certifications?

No, actually when this course on wireless networking was developed, it did not follow any certifying exams' body of knowledge or correspond to any certifications' learning objectives. Real, useful and first-hand knowledge of planning and building a company's wireless network is what this course provides, not memorization of facts.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in building business wireless networks?

Although this course wasn't designed to help prepare for an exam, there are many network administration certifications that will be much easier after this course. Maybe the best certification for most administrators is CompTIA's Network+. Associate level certifications from Cisco, Juniper, and Microsoft will be easier too.

Why should you take this business wireless network training?

You should take this wireless network training because even experienced network administrators can have a lot of information and facts locked away in their brain but have no real experience with manually constructing a functioning wireless network. Learn to apply all your hard-won networking knowledge with this course.
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