Project Configuration: Switch Port Security

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Jeremy Cioara
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Building a Business Switched Network FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this building a business switched network training?

This networking course covers all of the fundamentals of installing and deploying a real-world switched network for a business. Although the examples in the course tend to be more about establishing and installing a small or medium-sized business network, the knowledge can scale upward to bigger, more complex networks.

Who should take this building a business switched network course?

This switched network building course is useful for network professionals in the early parts of their career or students who want to see what the job is like in the real world. Since it's focused on practical application, anyone who needs to actually set up a network should take it.

Is this training in building a business switched network associated with any certifications?

No, when this course was planned and designed, it intentionally didn't correlate to any certifications or certifying exams. We encourage earning certifications – they can be useful representations of knowledge and ability. But this course is about one thing only: real-world, practical knowledge planning, installing and managing a business' switched network.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in building a business switched network?

This building switched networks course is practical with lots of opportunities to work in a virtual environment and actually do the right configurations. That sort of practical experience is good preparation for CompTIA's A+ or Network+. Although this course isn't designed with those exams in mind, it'll still be helpful.

Why should you take this building a business switched network training?

Take this training in switched network building and you'll be taking control of network planning and installation projects in the future. If you're planning on a career in network administration, knowing how to plan your switch architecture, how to configure switches and how to optimize business networks is essential knowledge.
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