New Training: Implement an SD-Access Fabric with Cisco DNA Center
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New Training: Implement an SD-Access Fabric with Cisco DNA Center

Organizations rely heavily on digital networks to meet their business needs. Cisco DNA Center allows for quick and efficient provisioning and configuration of networks. 

Learn how to get the most out of DNA Center with new training from CBT Nuggets. Cisco experts Keith Barker, Knox Hutchinson, and Jeff Kish teamed up to create this course, which focuses on using DNA Center to optimize, monitor, and troubleshoot your networks. 

Topics covered in this 198-video, intermediate-level training include:

  • Understanding what SD-Access Fabric is, including protocols and devices that make it work
  • Deploying and managing ISE, including dynamic policies as they apply to SD-Access Fabric
  • Operating, optimizing, and troubleshooting networks with DNA Center Assurance
  • Leveraging REST API to automate and integrate DNA Center
  • … and much more. 

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