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This week: VMware VCTA

by Team Nuggets
This week: VMware VCTA picture: A
Published on June 11, 2021

In late 2020, VMware released a new set of certifications focused on operators: the VMware Certified Technical Associate (VCTA). The VCTA is designed for people who need more technical information than the simple product awareness validated by the VCA-DBT — but not quite at the professional level required to earn a VMware Certified Professional Certification (VCP).

The credibility a VCTA certification provides can be an invaluable asset that demonstrates you are serious about the virtualization career path you've chosen — and are willing to put in the work to learn new technologies.

This week, we broke down how difficult the VCTA exam is, whether it is worth pursuing, and four essential vSphere storage types.

How Difficult is VCTA?

Don't be fooled by its foundation-level tag, you'll still need to put in work to earn the VMware VCTA certification. Here's how you can prepare and set yourself up for exam-day success.

Is the VCTA Worth It?

While VMware is still a virtualization titan, we recommend you do your research before you pursue any certification. Determine if the VCTA is worth going for.

4 Essential vSphere Storage Types

If you want to leverage VMware's vSphere platform, you must take storage into consideration. Discover how four storage types pair nicely with virtual machines.

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