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This week: Angular JS

by Team Nuggets
This week: Angular JS picture: A
Published on May 7, 2021

If you're interested in web applications or web development, you should know Angular JS. AngularJS also can provide lots of future opportunities for coding for web applications. This week we discussed some Angular JS tips and tricks.

Why AngularJS8 is the Best

AngularJS is a developer's best friend, once they know how to leverage all its capabilities. Here we talked about how the AngularJS framework can benefit you.

How to Become a Frontend Developer

Thinking about web development? Let's explore how you can start pursuing a career as a front-end developer, from the languages to know to the approach to take.

How to Create an App with AngularJS

So, you know what AngularJS is. Now it's time to dive in and use it. We covered how to create an app using this Typescript-based framework. Ready to get hands-on?

AngularJS Testing: Best Practices

Whether you’re an Angular JS pro, or just getting your feet wet, we’ve got some best practices for you. Learn what unit testing is, how it’s implemented in Angular, and how it can be tested in an agile environment.

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