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5 Reasons to Become an AWS Certified Developer

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Published on July 11, 2023

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Developers have a wide range of technical expertise in cloud computing and developing cloud-based applications and services. Given the growth in cloud, they’re in demand, so as an AWS Certified Developer, you can expand your job prospects, build a professional profile, increase credibility, and be recognized as an expert in cloud computing. 

In this article, you will learn more about why AWS skills are so valuable and the top five benefits of taking the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam

Why AWS Skills are Vital in Today’s Marketplace

As an IT expert or software developer, you know how important it is to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the quickly evolving digital marketplace. The prevalence of new technologies means companies need professional assistance to keep up with the latest developments. 

Let’s take a look at how the growth in the public cloud industry is affecting the demand for AWS specialists: 

  • With increasing reliance on digital and cloud-based platforms and storage solutions, many companies have a skills gap that needs to be filled by qualified IT specialists. 

  • Reports have revealed that public cloud spending is expected to reach nearly $500 billion by 2023. This reflects a bigger trend of continuous growth for the cloud computing industry. 

  • From small local businesses to massive global enterprises, organizations at every scale are transitioning from traditional preexisting IT structures and solutions and instead embracing new cloud technology. 

  • AWS, which launched in 2006, was the first public cloud computing platform, and as of 2022, it held 34% of the entire cloud computing market shares. That is as much as two of its major competitors (Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure) combined. 

  • Some of the world’s major players, such as Netflix, AirBnB, Shell, CapitalOne, General Electric, and McDonald’s already use Amazon Web Services to host their cloud computing services and platforms. 

Businesses need skilled developers who can make a qualitative analysis of their company’s specific needs to help facilitate a smooth transition to digital platforms and storage solutions based in the public cloud. Attaining official AWS certification is a savvy way to validate and share your practical AWS skills and expertise. 

Top 5 Benefits of Taking the AWS Certified Developer – Associate Exam

So why should you consider taking the AWS Certified Developer- Associate Exam (DVA-C02)? Consider these benefits:

1. There is high demand for AWS professionals.

Global enterprise companies and local small to mid-sized businesses are all actively seeking AWS specialists with the appropriate qualifications to help them complete and maintain digital transformations. Cloud computing developers, engineers, and architects are all needed to fill these essential skills gaps for organizations at every scale.

2. You can prove your credibility and expertise.

Taking the AWS Certified Developer- Associate course and achieving official accredited certification is the best way to quickly show potential employers that you have AWS expertise. Recruiters will be on the lookout for AWS certifications as they scout for new IT talent, and displaying your AWS certifications on your LinkedIn profile or resume can help you attract the attention of employers seeking AWS expertise.

3. You can learn specialized skills.

Once you have earned your associate-level certification, the next step is to pass the professional-level certification exam. You can also pursue several specialized AWS certifications in the following areas to expand your knowledge and skills and make you a more valuable asset to companies.  

  • Machine Learning

  • Data Analytics

  • Advanced Networking

  • Databases

  • Alexa Skill Builder

  • Security

4. You can start your own side projects.

Do you have any side projects that require more than just the server you have at home? Becoming AWS certified could help you out, especially if your project involves any of the subjects listed above.

5. AWS certification opens lucrative career opportunities.

The more AWS skills, certifications, and credentials you have, the more career pathways open up for you. IT positions that require AWS certification tend to be lucrative and sustainable. As in most fields, entry-level positions will net lower salaries than professional or senior positions, so building up your skills, knowledge, and specific expertise will boost you into higher earnings bracket potentials. 

Final Thoughts

As the demand for AWS professionals continues to rise, software developers and IT experts need to keep up with today’s essential working knowledge of AWS development, integration, and security. AWS-certified developers should be able to assist as businesses undergo digital transformations, guiding business platforms through the deployment of AWS services and helping to maintain AWS platforms. Becoming officially certified as an AWS accredited Associate Developer is a smart step toward an evolving and dynamic career.

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