This week: DevOps Certs
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This week: DevOps Certs

Whether you're new to DevOps, or a seasoned professional, you might be looking around to get certified. This week, we took a dive into some certs you can explore, plus some Kubernetes tips and tricks.

Why Aren’t There More DevOps Certs?

There are a plethora of certifications out there. Except maybe for DevOps. We explored why that is despite the field's growing prominence — and how to get the skills you need for DevOps.

5 Certs to Learn as a CS Student

As a computer science student, what IT certifications should you be eying once you've got your degree? CBT Nuggets trainer Knox Hutchinson shared a few of his top cert candidates.

Kubernetes on Docker: How Kubernetes Fixes Containers

Containers are great, but even they have some shortcomings. Learn how Kubernetes on Docker can help resolve some of those issues.

Kubernetes 201: How to Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster

In the second post of our series on Kubernetes, we looked under the hood and examined different Kubernetes components — and then deployed a workload.



Ultimate DevOps Cert Guide

A 61-page guide to every DevOps, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud certification, and how they fit into your career.

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