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Out with the Old, In with the New: Microsoft Exam Retirements

by Team Nuggets
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Published on February 22, 2017

Microsoft is scheduled to retire as many as 24 certification exams in 2017. Certification exam retirements can be confusing, particularly with the uncertainty about what that may mean for your training plans.

CBT Nuggets trainer Garth Schulte tackled the upcoming Microsoft certification exam retirements in this webinar, discussing strategies for updating your training plan, and even passing one last exam before it's too late.

Here's the breakdown:

The old technology-based certifications – 0:53

The new, competency-based certifications – 3:36

Recertification versus annual renewal – 4:51

The new MCSE pathways:

Mobility Path – 5:58

Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Path – 7:04

Productivity Path – 8:33

Data Management & Analysis Path – 9:07

App Builder Path – 10:46

2017 Microsoft certification retirement overview – 11:07


What do you advise someone intending to take the e.g. MCSE Server 2012? Should we just wait and take the 2016? – 11:57

If you fail an elective exam, can you retake it? – 12:43

Can you still upgrade from Windows 2003 MCSE to Windows 2012 MCSA? – 13:20

Must I wait a year before taking the next exam? Am I allowed to take two exams in the same year? – 13:40

Are there any plans for the MCSE: Mobility electives courses on CBT Nuggets? – 14:22

Any idea when the new MCSE standards will take effect? – 14:36

I'm in the middle of my 411 for Windows Server 2012 R2. Do you think MS will retire those exams soon? – 15:15

Where do I find the new Learning Roadmap? – 15:58

I have just done my 70-410 exam and planning on doing the 411 and 412, should I continue with the 2012's or wait and do with this way? – 16:40

How will CBT Nuggets focus on covering this ever expanding list of electives? Same as always? – 17:15

Will 70-410 change? – 17:46

Why isn't PowerShell it's own certification? – 17:57

I was studying towards MCSE Sharepoint 2013, and have only passed the first exam 70-346. What do you suggest I should do to get certified in SharePoint technologies? – 18:10

Can I take a 2016 elective on a 2012 MCSA? – 18:48

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