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How to Study for VMware vSphere 6 VCP-DCV in 9 Weeks

by Raju Woodward
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Published on March 10, 2017

More and more organizations are turning to virtualization as they seek to streamline processes, reduce costs, save space, and increase efficiency resulting in a demand for IT pros who have serious virtualization skills.

If you're looking to take your virtualization skills up a notch, earning VMware's Certified Professional 6 Data Center Virtualization certification (VCP6-DCV) needs to be on your radar.

VMware has long been the gold standard when it comes to virtualization. The VCP6-DCV certification is considered an intermediate-level cert, so it's an ideal way to validate that you can install, deploy, and manage VMware vSphere environments. In a nutshell, you'll know your stuff after training for this cert.

We've put together a comprehensive 9-week study plan aimed at helping you become VCP6-DCV certified. It includes a heavy dose of CBT Nuggets training, some hands-on experience, and a dash of other great resources. Get ready to watch, learn, and conquer.

Week 1

Watch videos 1 through 7 of Keith Barker's VMware vSphere 6 (VCP6-DCV) course during your first week. (All the videos you'll watch the next nine weeks will be from this course.) Topics you'll learn about in these seven videos include what is a hypervisor, how to design & prepare a lab, and ESXi.

Make sure to download the supplemental files associated with this course. They contain a wide range of helpful documents that can assist you with the course. We also strongly recommend supplementing your video training with other resources. Here are two textbooks that are aimed at learners pursuing VCP6-DCV certification:

Last but not least, it never hurts to review what's in store for you. Visit VMware's site to learn about the exam requirements, VMware's suggested study resources, and even more about the exam you hope to take in about nine weeks.

This first week should be a nice, easy, and smooth springboard for the rest of your training!

Week 2

Up this week are videos 8 through 14, which cover topics including vSphere Windows Client, deploying the vCSA, and datastores. To help reinforce key terms and concepts, consider creating flashcards. Yes, like the kind you used in grade school to memorize multiplication tables.

We also encourage you to review the exam blueprint, or better yet, print it out to help guide you as you advance further down the virtualization training path.

Week 3

Watch videos 15 through 21. There'll be a focus on VMware tools, snapshots, and creating virtual switches. By now, you probably have questions about the material you've been watching and learning. It's a perfect time to join the CBT Nuggets Learner Community, where you can network with other learners, connect with mentors, and much more.

No matter where you are during your training journey, you should always keep your end goal in mind: You want to be VCP6-DCV certified! Here's some additional insight on how to prepare for the exam, straight from the source.

Week 4

You'll cover a lot of iSCSI-related topics, as well as vMotion and DRS, as you watch videos 22 through 28 this week. And then, get ready for it; it's time take a practice exam! They are a great way to get a feel for the exam environment, gauge your test-taking pace, and of course, measure your knowledge. Plan to take some time this week to complete your Transcender® practice exam.

Don't get discouraged by unfavorable scores. Remember, you aren't even halfway through this study plan. You've got a lot of training and conquering to do. Speaking of which, here's a helpful study guide that can provide a nice boost.

Week 5

Congrats! You've made it past the halfway point. This week, you'll watch videos 29 through 35, which primarily cover switching concepts such as implementing distributed switches and vSwitch policies. To get a firmer grasp of virtualization tech, you should explore VMware's products.

On the heels of the practice exam you took last week, it's time to lab it up. Hands-on experience is vital to mastering any technology. And great news, VMware offers labs that enable you to get real-world virtualization experience.

Have fun, and break something because you really can't!

Week 6

Watch videos 36 through 42. Topics you'll learn and explore include using vApps, resource pool concepts, and High Availability.

In addition to having passed the vSphere 6 exam, you also are required to attend an official VMware Education class in order to sit for the VCP6-DCV exam. You can attend one of these classes in person or online.

Guess what? It's time to book your VMware Education class. Once you have your class scheduled, take the opportunity to schedule your official exam date too! Nothing keeps you motivated to learn like having a deadline!

Week 7

This week, your required is videos include 43 through 49, which cover virtual machine fault tolerance, storage policy concepts, vSphere alarms & alerts, and more. Check out the VMware community forum to read up on the latest VCP6-DCV information.

Practice makes perfect, so retake the practice exam this week. See where you've improved, what you need to review, and get a better idea of where you are at as you make it to the final stretch.

Week 8

Oh, you are so close to the finish line! This week you'll be learning about using affinity rules, customization specifications, and fishing tools as you watch videos 50 through 55. At this point, there aren't many resources left to explore, but go ahead and visit the VMware blogs and see if you can find anything that might help you as exam day nears.

And don't forget to lab, lab, and lab it up! With a week left to go, you need to be able to successfully apply what you've been learning because it shows you truly understand the material.

Week 9

Hip, Hip, Hooray! There are only three videos left to watch: 56 through 58: ESXi Host Security, Managing Conflicts, and The Parka Principle. However, be sure to go back and watch any videos that cover areas where you need to brush up.

After all, it's cram time now. Good luck!

Folks, there you have it, in just nine weeks, you can be ready to conquer VMware's VCP6-DCV exam!

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