Accountability coaching

Set goals, create structure, track progress.

As a CBT Nuggets subscriber, you have access to a robust collection of learning resources. Our Accountability Coaching can assist you or your team in maximizing the benefits of our training, while helping you achieve your goals.

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Accountability Coaching

Your accountability coach can:

Take a Personal Interest. Our coaches are invested in helping you achieve your goals. They motivate you, listen to your challenges, and provide guidance — while helping you feel connected to someone during your training journey.

Provide Structure & Accountability. Our coaches work with you to help you become more organized and focused, not only saving you time, but simplifying the training. Accountability Coaching gives you the flexibility to make training work best for you and your schedule.

Connect You to Resources. Our coaches equip you with the resources you need during your journey to training success. Coaches work with you to identify and resources and training features that best support your training goals. We provide IT managers with structure to build training plans for their teams and support them in overseeing and administrating their team's training progress.

For Individuals

For Team Managers

“We are all very busy with our work; the structure and accountability that coaching provides allows us to get feedback about our and encourages us to adhere to our plan. They help me keep the team focused on training.”

- Yasser F.
Team Manager, Kaspersky Labs

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