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VMware vSphere 6 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this VMware vSphere 6 course?

In this course, you'll learn how to administer the now slightly out-of-date virtualization software vSphere 6. That might not sound great at first – but there's a healthy proportion of companies who haven't updated to the most recent vSphere version yet. That means this course will make you a trained and competent administrator for them specifically. After that, you could still move up to vSphere 7, but you'll find that easier than administrators who try to come down to 6 from 7.

Why should you take this VMware vSphere 6 training?

You should take this course in vSphere 6 if the company you work for, or the company you want to work for, hasn't upgraded to vSphere 7. If you need to virtualize desktops and you're obliged to use vSphere 6, this training will make sure you know how to use that version. On the other hand, there's vSphere 7 training if you know your company uses the more up-to-date version.

Is this VMware vSphere 6 course associated with a certification?

No, there's no valid certification that this vSphere 6 course will specifically prepare you for. VMware's certifications are now updated annually and tied to the most recent versions of their software, so this training won't prepare you for any specific certification. But there was a time that this training was instrumental for passing VMware certifications, so the content is still highly relevant to administrators who have to work with vSphere 6.

Is there a certification that this vSphere 6 training can help me work toward?

Unfortunately, no, there aren't any certifications that this training will help prepare you for. VMware's certifications are tied to the most recent versions of their virtualization platforms, so if you want to certify in vSphere, you should make sure you're training on the most recent versions. However, after this course, vSphere 7 courses will be easier, since the differences between each vSphere version aren't so massive that they're unrecognizable.

Who should take this vSphere 6 course?

Virtualization engineers who are stuck with vSphere 6 are the prime candidates for this training. If you're a brand new systems administrator, you should probably consider our vSphere 7 training over this vSphere 6 course – unless you're sure your company uses the out-dated vSphere version. But if you find yourself needing to deploy and manage virtual desktops on vSphere 6, there's no better course for mastering the virtualization platform.
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