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How to Build a CCNP Collaboration Home Lab

by Team Nuggets
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Published on April 4, 2018

The cost savings for implementing a collaboration system are mostly dependent on proper configuration. Do you have enough bandwidth? Are your headers too big? Are your phones (hard or soft) working properly?

Before making changes or implementing a system, you better lab it up — and it doesn't have to be expensive. In his recent webinar, Chuck Keith shared how to create a home lab that's ideal for those wanting to nail down their collaboration skills.

Here are the highlights of the webinar:

00:48 – CCNP Collaboration Overview 03:07 – Lab Setup Basics 06:00 – Less Expensive Alternatives 08:43 – GNS3 Demo 14:39 – Introducing Cisco Devnet!

Chuck also answered questions at the end of his webinar.

Here are the timestamps for all the great answers Chuck provided during his Q&A session:

00:08 – When is Chuck's first CBT Nuggets course being released? Good news! It's already out. 00:35 – When is "Network Chuck" going to make his next YouTube video? Is he going to continuing making them now that he has joined CBT Nuggets? 00:56 – Is Cisco CCNP Collaboration moving away from requiring hardware to relying more on a single robust server? 01:48 – What is more preferred for labbing it up, Cisco D-Cloud or Cisco Devnet? 02:30 – What are Chuck's thoughts about BroadSoft? 03:23 – How long does it take to study and prepare for Cisco's CCNP Collaboration exam? 04:59 – Does Chuck have any plans to create training for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express? 05:44 – What type of server does Chuck himself use when it comes to labbing it up? 09:03 – What is Chuck's preferred method for taking notes when he's studying? 10:45 – Can Jabber be used for UCCX to log into Cisco Finesse? 11:54 – How does Chuck make time to study while balancing family obligations? 14:10 – Is a POTS line needed to build a voice lab? 16:28 – Do you need to earn previous certifications like Cisco CCNA before earning CCNP Collaboration?

About Chuck Chuck Keith brings recent industry networking and collaboration experience to his training, holding Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching, Voice, and CompTIA Security+ certifications. He joined the CBT Nuggets team in 2017.

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