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Cisco Collaboration Solutions and Architecture FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What's meant by Cisco collaboration and architecture?

Cisco collaboration refers to the many different software, tools, services and devices that Cisco manufactures that help people in an organization communicate with one another. Cisco collaboration architecture refers to the network, framework and infrastructure that supports these tools – usually specially designed and managed network hardware and software. Together, someone trained in Cisco collaboration and architecture can set up video meetings, voice calls, instant messaging and more and keep them working.

Is this Cisco collaboration solutions course associated with any certifications?

No, this Cisco collaboration course wasn't designed as certification prep. The closest match is CCNP Collaboration – the first credential in Cisco's series of collaboration certifications. CCNP Collaboration usually represents several years of experience in IT, so it's not the first certification someone tends to earn. This course teaches concepts and skills related to collaboration on Cisco networks that will eventually lead to professional certs like the CCNP.

Can I get a job after taking this course on Cisco collaboration solutions?

While there's no guarantee, taking a course that explains Cisco collaboration can definitely improve your job prospects in IT. A course like this provides you with practical, hands-on skills related to actually deploying, managing and troubleshooting Cisco collaboration tools and network resources. Businesses all over the world are hungry for anyone who can keep their digital communications moving quickly and smoothly, and you can be that person after this course.

Who should take this course on Cisco collaboration solutions and architecture?

This course on Cisco collaboration is ideal for IT professionals, network administrators, telecom technicians, and anyone else who wants to advance their career in digital collaboration. If you currently work as (or want to someday land a job as) a network engineer, system administrator, IT manager or communication specialist, this course teaches you to deploy, manage and optimize collaboration tools: valuable skills for anyone working on a large-scale network.

Are Cisco collaboration solutions especially good?

Generally speaking, Cisco collaboration solutions are regarded as excellent for a few reasons. First, they have a huge feature set and they're highly reliable. But the thing that makes Cisco collaboration solutions particularly good is their interoperability. Cisco already produces some of the world's fastest and most reliable network infrastructure hardware and firmware. They've developed their collaboration tools alongside those, so scalability, security and integration are built in from the beginning.
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