Meet the Trainer: John McGovern
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Meet the Trainer: John McGovern

John McGovern is one of our newest trainers and just released his first CBT Nuggets training, Understand the Nornir Automation Framework! Hailing from Scotland, he joins Simona Millham as our second UK-based trainer. Please join us in welcoming John to the CBT Nuggets team. Here are some more fun facts about him. 

Where he lives: Glasgow, Scotland. He said he loves living in Glasgow because there’s just a vibe about the place that’s unlike any other city he's visited. He said the people there tend to be very helpful, assuming you can understand the Glaswegian slang. He also loves that every shop you go to sells Irn Bru.

Area of expertise: Networking and cybersecurity.

When he's not creating training: He enjoys playing drums, golfing, reading, mindfulness meditation, and socializing.

His favorite thing about being a trainer: He enjoys the entire process of training — from planning what he's going to teach to recording the content. However, he said nothing beats getting feedback from someone to say his work helped them understand a subject, or helped them pass an exam that will ultimately lead to greater opportunities in their career.

He's passionate about video training because: To him, video training is the most personable. When he watches video training from a good instructor, they not only explain the topic but convey their interest in the subject, which ultimately holds a learner’s attention and makes it easier and more fun to learn. John said that good video training is the most engaging and stimulating of all the learning formats.

Random fact: When asked what movie best describes his training style, John answered with Total Recall. 

Want to give John's training style a spin? Watch his first training videos today.



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