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Juniper Network Automation with Ansible FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Juniper network automation training?

This course teaches how to connect Ansible to your Juniper network devices and write the blueprint of automation tasks for Ansible to follow so that your network's operations and maintenance can be done automatically. You'll learn how to write Ansible modules tailored to Juniper networks and lump them into playbooks.

Who should take this Juniper network automation course?

Network engineers should take this course because automating the behavior of your network can save you tons of time and effort. DevOps engineers should also plan on taking this Ansible automation course for Juniper networks. Additionally, anyone hoping to someday be a cloud engineer should plan on taking this course.

Is this training in Juniper network automation with Ansible associated with any certifications?

Not directly, no. This course is relatively short and stays focused solely on managing network automation for Juniper networks with Ansible. It covers that thoroughly, and you'll have lots of opportunities to practice. But Ansible is one small part of Juniper's certifications for network engineers and DevOps professionals.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in Juniper network automation with Ansible?

Juniper offers certifications in eight different topics at four different levels of expertise. After learning how to automate Juniper network behavior with Ansible, you may want to look at the Automation and DevOps certifications from Juniper. That track has two certs – the associate-level JNCIA-DevOps and specialist-level JNCIS-DevOps.

Why should you take this Juniper network automation training?

You should plan on taking this Juniper network automation training so that you can offload all the time-consuming minutiae of your job to scripts, modules and playbooks. Ansible is a force multiplier – if you invest some of your time early into learning automation, the rewards will be waiting close behind.
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