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This Week: The Self-Employed IT Professional

by Josh Adams
This Week: The Self-Employed IT Professional picture: A
Published on August 12, 2017

You might be at a lush spot as the IT guy/gal in an organization, but we're sure the thought has dawned on you that you could be your own boss. Or, maybe you're just starting out in the IT game and want to create an IT empire that's all your own. Either way, we gathered the resources you need to get a leg up in building your own IT business.

  • 5 Challenges to Expect as a Self-employed IT ProEven though becoming a self-employed IT pro might sound like a lot less hassle, every opportunity has its challenges. Here are five things that can come up for the self-employed IT professional.

  • 7 Perks of Starting Your Own IT Business From being your own boss to earning the big bucks, setting your own hours to feeling a profound sense of fulfillment in your work, the self-employed IT pro gets a lot of perks. Take a look at how becoming a self-employed IT professional could be the right step for you.

  • How to Find Clients as an IT Freelancer Stepping into the world of freelance IT work, you may realize that you don't have all the answers to convince clients that they need your services for the long haul. Discover the tips and tricks that you need to sell your skills and keep clients coming back to you for more.

  • 6 Critical Communication Skills for IT Contractors Your ability to develop professional relationships, build rapport, and clearly articulate your services and skills will set you up for success as a self-employed IT pro. Check out the seven basic rules for effective communication for contract IT pros.

  • How Any IT Pro Can Build an MSP Empire You took the leap and now you're working in the IT field all on your own. Read through the guide that takes you from meeting with your first client, all the way to managing the organizations that will be banging down your door for your IT expertise.




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