Integrating Microsoft Defender With Endpoint Manager

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Windows Defender FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Windows Defender training?

You'll learn how to configure Windows Defender's many different tools and settings for keeping enterprise networks and devices secure, like Credential Guard, Exploit Guard, Application Guard and others. You'll learn how to navigate the built-in protections that Windows gives you to keep networks safe and use them fully.

Who should take this course in Windows Defender?

The key audience for this course is IT support specialists with a year or two on the job. But it can also easily apply to anyone who uses a device that has Windows Defender running. You should take this course if you work a help desk or IT support.

Is this Windows Defender course associated with any certification?

No, this training in Windows Defender isn't associated with any particular certification. What you'll learn in this brief course is how to actually go in and manually configure Windows Defender, create security baselines, write policies, and more. Other courses focus on test preparation, this one focuses on real-world application.

What certification should I consider after taking this course in Windows Defender?

The Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator Associate certification is most relevant to the material on this course. If you take this Windows Defender course and find that it's especially relevant to your job or that you like it in particular, you might consider IAAA.

Why should you take this Windows Defender training?

You should take this Windows Defender training to be a more broadly capable user of technology. Windows Defender is a key part of many enterprise networks' security posture, and knowing how to manage and configure it makes you a more versatile and useful IT employee.
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