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Microsoft Windows 10 End User FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Windows 10 training for end users?

What you'll learn in this Windows 10 course is how to use Windows 10. An end user is anyone who actually ends up using a particular project. That means this course wasn't made to teach software development or anything. It's just, simply, using Windows the best way.

Who should take this course for end users of Windows 10?

Anyone who has ever felt intimidated by any part of Windows should take this course. If you find all the buttons, desktops and apps confusing or challenging, this course is designed to make it all make sense. You'll be a better worker and more comfortable with technology after this training.

Is this Windows 10 end user training associated with any certification?

No, this course isn't associated with any certification. That's good because you get walked through, step by step, how to use Windows 10 and you don't learn anything you won't actually use. You can also skip ahead confidently through things that don't apply to you and focus on yourself.

What certification should I think about taking after I take this Windows 10 course?

The only certifications you might consider after taking this course are CompTIA's IT Fundamentals or Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals. The Microsoft cert will be harder because it relates to a different version of Windows, and the IT Fundamentals covers quite a lot more than this course.

Why should you take this Windows 10 course?

You should take this Windows 10 course so that you can comfortably and confidently navigate Microsoft Windows to maximize your productivity. You should also take it if it's your job to teach Windows 10 to end users so that you better understand how to go about explaining it.
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