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Programming Foundations with PowerShell 7 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this foundational programming training?

This course combines two essential skills into a bigger one: scripting and PowerShell into mastering PowerShell 7. You'll learn what a powerful scripting language can do for your job and how to write PowerShell scripts. But then you'll learn all the new bells and whistles that come with PowerShell 7.

Who should take this PowerShell 7 course?

Anyone who writes scripts should take this course. Complete novices will learn a ton about writing scripts and automating network behavior. But even twenty-year veterans will learn new things about what the newest version of PowerShell has updated and added, and it's easy to skip over the familiar material.

Is this training in programming foundations with PowerShell 7 associated with any certifications?

Not directly, no, this programming fundamentals course in PowerShell 7 isn't tied to a certain certification. Microsoft doesn't maintain certifications that are focused solely on single pieces of technology any more. But this course can help you earn a job-related certification after you master writing scripts in PowerShell 7.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in foundational programming with PowerShell 7?

PowerShell programming is fundamental to many systems administration and network administration jobs and roles, so if you decide to pursue a certification after taking this course, you'll want to look for an administration-related cert. For example, Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate requires PowerShell expertise among other things.

Why should you take this PowerShell 7 training?

You should take this PowerShell 7 training because the most recent version of the software is an open-source, cross-platform management solution for heterogenous environments and the hybrid cloud. It's just as capable of fine-tuned control and automation as ever, which means newcomers and seasoned professionals have tons to learn.
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