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Microsoft Windows 11 End User FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is a Windows 11 end user?

An end user is simply someone who uses a piece of technology. The term "end user" helps differentiate professionals who use an app or particular piece of hardware from technical professionals who maintain, configure or otherwise service it. Take cars for example: an end user owns and drives a car. But you can imagine many other people whose jobs are professionally related to cars: mechanics, salespeople and even road planners.

What is Windows 11 and how is it different from other versions of Windows?

Windows 11 is (at the time of this writing), Microsoft's most recent version of their operating system. Windows 11 was made publicly available on October 5, 2021, about six years after Windows 10's release. Microsoft put special attention on the operating system's simplified, yet modernized, interface that's meant to promote efficiency and productivity for professional users with an easy integration to Microsoft's suite of productivity tools (Word, Excel, Teams, Outlook, etc).

Who should take this course on using Windows 11?

This isn't a deep, technical course – it's designed for office workers and professionals who use Windows on a daily basis, not technical IT staff. Anyone whose job includes working with Microsoft tools like Windows or the Office suite should take this course. This course was designed to reveal and explain all the tips, tricks, buttons, windows, interfaces and options that will make using Windows 11 much easier and faster.

Is this Windows 11 end user training associated with any certifications?

No, not only is this course not designed to help you pass a certification exam, but Microsoft doesn't currently offer an end user certification for Windows 11. This is a practical, skills-based course that focuses on helping you understand how to navigate Windows 11 and put its powerful features to use. You'll quickly learn how to find apps and files, arrange and organize productivity tools, and find the most helpful features.

Is it really worth it to take an entire course on using Windows 11?

It's absolutely worth it to take a course on Windows 11. Not only is Windows 11 a completely new version with novel interfaces and functionality, but it's also a tool used by the vast majority of all professionals, every day. Windows 11 is the foundation for every single thing you do with your day – this short course ensures you aren't overwhelmed by it and that you don't miss any opportunities for efficiency.
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