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New Training: Neo4j Graph Database

by Team Nuggets
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Published on October 13, 2021

In this 15-video, entry-level training, CBT Nuggets trainer Trevor Sullivan covers the knowledge software developers need to navigate Neo4j for storing and processing data by querying the connections between those data rather than by a constricting pre-defined model.

Watch this new Neo4j training.

As much as they might resist it, most software developers know they can only get so far without eventually getting their hands dirty with databases. While some code doesn’t depend on lookups and queries, once you start interacting with the outside world or complex operations, you’re going to have to incorporate databases.

The two-part series covers topics such as exploring the concepts of relational, non-relational, and graph databases, navigating the differences between relational and graph data models, and storing and retrieving data from a graph database.

Watch a video from the series:

The skills that comprise this series include:

Topics this training covers include:

  • Create Nodes in Neo4j with Labels and Properties

  • Run Neo4j on Your Development Workstation with Docker

  • Review and Call to Action

  • Set Up Your Neo4j Development Environment

  • Create Relationships Between Cities and States

This training includes:

  • 1 hour of training

  • 15 videos

Start learning Neo4j today!

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