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Neo4j Graph Database Online Training

Note: The exam associated with this course was retired. However, this course still retains value as a training resource.
This course is scheduled to retire on January 1, 2024.

This Neo4j Graph Database prepares learners to navigate Neo4j for storing and processing data by querying the connections between those data rather than by a constricting pre-defined model.

As much as they might resist it, most software developers know they can only get so far without eventually getting their hands dirty with databases. While some code doesn't depend on lookups and queries, once you start interacting with the outside world or complex operations, you're going to have to incorporate databases.

Even knowing that, something that even the most technical-minded software developers can have a hard time wrapping their heads around are the differences between traditional databases and non-relational databases. Graph databases are non-relational -- databases that treat the relationships between data as equally important to the data itself, and they've been rising in popularity. Neo4j is a common graph database choice for companies and organizations that's growing in popularity.

One of the more important aspects of this Neo4j Graph Database training is understanding how the graph database incorporates ACID properties into its transactions. And if that sentence doesn't mean anything to you, it might be a good time to look into this Neo4j Graph Database training.

Once you're done with this Neo4j Graph Database training, you'll know how to navigate Neo4j for storing and processing data by querying the connections between those data rather than by a constricting pre-defined model.

For anyone who manages software developers, this Neo4j training can be used to onboard new software developers, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a Neo4j reference resource.

Neo4j: What You Need to Know

This Neo4j Graph Database training has videos that cover topics including:

  • Exploring the concepts of relational, non-relational, and graph databases
  • Navigating the differences between relational and graph data models
  • Storing and retrieving data from a graph database
  • Saving time and money by querying with non-relational databases
  • How ACID allows Neo4j to preserve integrity of data

Who Should Take Neo4j Training?

This Neo4j Graph Database training was designed for software developers. This Neo4J skills course is designed for software developers with three to five years of experience with graph database management.

New or aspiring software developers. If you're a brand new software developer, you probably have a few languages under your belt, and you're probably getting ready to dive into your company's repo and get coding. But if your projects deal with databases -- especially if you deal with huge, huge sums of data -- this Neo4j Graph Database training will ensure you understand how to navigate and use non-relational databases, which will save you enormous amounts of stress later on.

Experienced software developers. If you've been working as a software developer for several years already, this Neo4j Graph Database certification will help you understand non-relational databases and give you what you need to store, process and query connections between data, not just key-value pairs. Training like this makes you a more broadly knowledgeable, versatile member of your team -- especially because the difference between relational and non-relational databases is often poorly understood even by experts.

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