New Course: CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ (CLO-002)
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New Course: CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ (CLO-002)

In this 82-video, entry-level training, CBT Nuggets trainer Bart Castle covers the knowledge technical or non-technical professionals need to think about the concerns, opportunities, vulnerabilities and benefits that come with migrating an organization’s networks and data to the cloud.

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The Cloud Essentials+ certification is one of CompTIA’s many IT certifications that aren’t exactly made for IT professionals. Although there’s plenty of valuable information that a cloud administrator or a network engineer could benefit from, the certifying exam is much more oriented toward staff members who don’t normally have a lot of input in technological concerns.

CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials+ is about key business principles and fundamental concepts about cloud technologies. Using or transitioning to the cloud can introduce inefficiencies, higher costs and security risks for an organization. This training helps ensure that all staff members — not just the IT staff — understand those potential downsides and can be a part of the solution to making the best out of cloud technology decisions.

The 13-part series covers topics such as understanding the foundational business and technical components that go into a cloud assessment, understanding the specific security concerns that cloud tech introduces to a network, and recognizing the cloud-based security measures that can counteract threats and vulnerabilities.

Watch a video from the series:

The skills that comprise this series include:

Topics this training covers include:

  • Recovery Point Objective
  • Redundant Redundancy
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Cloud Service Architectures and Patterns
  • Gap Analysis

This training includes:

  • 13 hour of training
  • 82 videos

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