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New Course: AWS Cloud Automation with PowerShell

by Team Nuggets
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Published on March 25, 2021

In this 207-video, intermediate-to-advanced training, CBT Nuggets trainer Trevor Sullivan covers the knowledge you need to programmatically configure, deploy and manage your AWS cloud resources and tasks with PowerShell commands and functionality.

Watch this AWS and PowerShell training.

Automating cloud resources and tasks represents a quantum leap forward for any network. And not only does PowerShell have the tools to provide that automation, but much of AWS functionality is programmed to encourage PowerShell interoperability.

The 32-part series covers topics such as simplifying the administrative effort of managing AWS, deploying dozens or thousands of instances or workspaces automatically, and specifying which credentials to use when interacting with AWS.

Watch a video from the series:

Topics this PowerShell for AWS training include:

This training includes:

  • 33 hour of training

  • 207 videos

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