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New Training: Network Infrastructure Device Hardening

by Team Nuggets
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Published on March 29, 2021

In this 8-video skill, CBT Nuggets trainer Keith Barker demonstrates how to perform device hardening of network infrastructure security devices (control plane, data plane, management plane, and routing protocol security). Watch this new Cisco training.

Watch the full course: Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies

This training includes:

  • 8 videos

  • 44 minutes of training

You’ll learn these topics in this skill:

  • Introduction to Device Hardening

  • Device Hardening Overview

  • Cisco Guide to Harden IOS Devices

  • Management Plane Hardening

  • Control Plane Hardening

  • Data Plane Hardening

  • Device Hardening Checklist

  • Hardening Review

2 Common Strategies for Cisco IOS Device Hardening

Today, organizations have to apply extreme diligence in not only ensuring their network security parameter is secure, but also ensure that network connected devices and mobile devices are secure to minimize the likelihood of sustaining a cyberattack conducted by exploiting a network-connected device. To do so, one of the best starting points is to leverage the AAA or Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting framework protocol to secure mobile devices.

The AAA security framework leads with effective authentication measures to ensure users accessing a network are, in fact, who they say they are. Authorization accounts for the strategy in granting or denying access to certain resources based on what access that use has been granted within the environment. This access control allows organizations to build unique policies defining who has access to what sensitive resources.

Lastly, Accounting of the AAA security model allows organizations to track a user's activity within the network and monitor what sensitive information that user has accessed.

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