New Training: Manage Systems with AWS Systems Manager
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New Training: Manage Systems with AWS Systems Manager

In this 6-video skill, CBT Nuggets trainer Bart Castle teaches you how to configure the AWS Systems Manager service. Gain an understanding of Systems Manager and what it has to offer as you work with the State and Inventory manager, Automation documents, and the Parameter store. Watch this new AWS training.

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This training includes:

  • 6 videos
  • 33 minutes of training

You’ll learn these topics in this skill:

  • Systems Manager: Understanding the Basics
  • Systems Manager: State and Inventory Manager
  • Systems Manager: Automation, Documents, and Parameters
  • Systems Manager: Getting Started
  • Systems Manager: Launching a new Managed Instance
  • Systems Manager: Run Command and Session Manager

What is AWS Systems Manager?

AWS Systems Manager is a service that lets you both view and control your AWS infrastructure. Formerly known as Amazon Simple Systems Manager (SSM), System Manager provides a console, in which you can monitor operational data across the AWS services that you use. It can also automate operational tasks through predefined or custom runbooks. The service can further scan your managed instances for policy violations and either report or correct these.

With Systems Manager, you can simplify your resource and application management, shorten the length of time required to detect and resolve operational issues, and securely manage your infrastructure at scale.

System Manager can also manage your on-premise servers within the same interface. It does this through a cross-platform agent that you install on your servers. ITSM (IT Service Management) tools such as ServiceNow can further use Systems Manager through the AWS Service Management Connector to provide governance over your infrastructure.



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