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New Training: Configure SharePoint Authentication

by Team Nuggets
New Training: Configure SharePoint Authentication picture: A
Published on March 17, 2021

In this 9-video skill, CBT Nuggets trainer Jacob Moran teaches you how to configure different authentication types for SharePoint websites. Watch this new Sharepoint training.

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This training includes:

  • 9 videos

  • 59 minutes of training

You’ll learn these topics in this skill:

  • SharePoint Authentication

  • Configuring Anonymous SharePoint Authentication

  • Managing a Classic Authentication SharePoint Web Application

  • Enabling Kerberos for SharePoint Windows Authentication

  • Understanding SharePoint Zones

  • Extending SharePoint Web Applications and Configuring Basic or Digest Authentication

  • Configuring a Forms-Based Authentication SharePoint Web Application

  • Understanding SAML Token-Based Authentication in SharePoint

  • Configuring SAML Token-Based Authentication in SharePoint

What is SharePoint Kerberos and How Does It Enhance SharePoint Authentication?

SharePoint Kerberos is a Microsoft-native SharePoint authentication protocol that uses tickets provided by a trusted source provider to authenticate users. Kerberos is designed to validate authenticity of a user by validating a ticket provided by the authenticated client computer that the user is associated with. In doing so, the Kerberos protocol can assess things like the access control delegated to that user through their network credentials and control what network resources that user has access to.

Kerberos is known as the strong Microsoft-native SharePoint protocol supporting AES encryption and mutual authentication of network-connected machines and devices. This protocol can greatly benefit an organization's security measures by enhancing user authentication while also minimizing network traffic, page latency, and increasing the number of pages SharePoint can serve.

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