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All SharePoint 2016 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is SharePoint 2016 and what is it used for?

SharePoint is a web-based document management tool developed by Microsoft. SharePoint 2016 is the version of the software circa 2016, which came with features and capabilities that differentiated it from SharePoint 2012, 2019 and the current Microsoft 365 version of SharePoint. SharePoint provides tools for creating specialized websites which help organizations with information sharing and document storage. A sharepoint site also has discussion boards, document sharing and other collaboration features and tools.

Who should learn how to use and manage SharePoint 2016?

If your organization uses SharePoint 2016, trust us: you want to learn how it works. SharePoint is a simple enough tool, but getting it to actually provide your team and your company with efficiency boosts and productivity increases is hard. This training is designed for SharePoint 2016 specifically, so if you know your company still relies on the older technology, learning straight from this source reduces confusion and ensures mastery.

What's meant by a SharePoint site? What is a SharePoint site for?

A SharePoint site is similar to a traditional website, and it looks like a normal website that doesn't have a fancy interface or a strong design. SharePoint sites are locations on a company network (or on the internet) where teams and organizations can collaborate, store and share information securely. A SharePoint site has tools and widgets that are uniquely configured for each team using each site and can be very simple or quite complex.

Is SharePoint 2016 still supported?

Yes, Microsoft definitely still supports SharePoint 2016. Mainstream support (feature upgrades and development) ended in July 2021, but Microsoft is committed to providing long-term support in the form of security updates and technical support until at least July 2026. There are many reasons that a company wouldn't upgrade their SharePoint to a newer version, and this training makes sure you know how to use every aspect of the 2016 version.

Is this SharePoint 2016 training useful for any certifications?

There aren't many official Microsoft certifications left that are related to SharePoint 2016. However, the Microsoft Office Specialist: 2016 Master is still available, and this SharePoint 2016 training covers the information you'll find on that exam related to SharePoint. Because there aren't many certifications left related to the 2016 version, this training is much better for making sure you understand the inner workings of the specific version of the collaboration tool.
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