Meet the Trainer: Michael Levan
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Meet the Trainer: Michael Levan

A self-proclaimed tech enthusiast, Michael Levan is the perfect addition to the CBT Nuggets team of expert trainers. He brings a wealth of DevOps experience to his training, especially in areas such as the cloud and automation. His first CBT Nuggets training was just released and focuses on using Python within Microsoft Azure, and you can watch for more training on the Michael Levan trainer page

Here's a little more about our new trainer who hails from the East Coast and has a serious love for gaming. 

Where he lives: New Jersey. What he likes about living there is that there are different seasons and areas. If you drive an hour one way, you hit a beach. If you drive an hour the other way, you hit a city, drive an hour another way, you hit the country.

Area of expertise: PowerShell, Python, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, CICD, and automation.

When he's not creating training: He's hanging out with his son, coding, visiting breweries, and indulging in PC gaming.

His favorite thing about being a trainer: He says: “There are a ton of reasons that will be given to not do something right. Whether it be for time savings because the implications aren't understood, or how to implement it isn't understood. 

“Typically, the path forward is doing things the easy way, which is typically the wrong way. I love being a trainer because I want to show people how to do things the proper way, and more importantly, how to help people get an organization to do things the right way.”

He's passionate about video training because: Classroom training brings back that feeling of being in high school and sitting through lectures. Typical teaching is just talking about how to do something, not showing how to do it.

As a hands-on technical instructor, he's in the trenches with the learners. He’s writing the code and troubleshooting just like they are. With online training, it’s much more efficient to get his points across and be a true developer of content for learners.

Random fact: He would title his biography, Inside Life: The Man Who Never Leaves

Start learning with Michael today! Watch his just-released Python3 with the Azure Python SDK training now.



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