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Is Virtualization's Future Bright?

by Team Nuggets
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Published on August 25, 2017

The IT industry was transformed and revolutionized when virtualization came into play. Despite the fact that virtualization is now a decades-old concept, the technology continues to grow at an astounding pace. Virtualization supports access to technology and cloud computing, along with decreasing energy consumption.

Times are quite exciting for virtualization. So, here are five amazing ways virtualization will continue to shape IT.

Software-defined Networking

Historically, hardware-based networks have been a stronghold in every IT department, but they can be static and difficult to scale. Virtualization is carving out a path for software-defined networking (SDN) to improve scalability and load balancing. Plus, it enables a more robust infrastructure.

Imagine the possibilities within the network security space. SDN can also offer effective DDoS mitigation, along with making security management much more straightforward. Because security is a major issue for every organization, the benefits of SDN will continue to increase. Remember, with software-defined networking, the real objective is agility.

Other advantages of virtualization and SDN include:

  • Improved network speeds

  • Ability to quickly implement policies across the network

  • Ubiquitous access

Automation Goes Mainstream

When rapid provisioning is necessary, manual configuration is no longer an option. There is a push for more automation as networks become more complex. Virtualization is helping to consolidate network resources and propel automation into the mainstream as is currently happening today. It is no longer cost-effective to just throw people at problems. Automation helps to save money and reduce human Kill.

As a result, virtualization is leading the way toward automation. You can speed up deployments and scale out IT environments with improved cost savings. Through the support of virtualization, a tool could automatically patch a system based on historical down time.

Say Goodbye to Full Stack Solutions

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) will make full stack solutions a thing of the past. Previously, full stack solutions included security gateways for networks, connection brokers, display protocols, and hypervisors. Instead, the market is heading toward the deconstructed VDI model that offers A la carte solutions. Based on your requirements, you can combine a variety of hosting environments.

With deconstructed VDI, you can mix all of your preferred elements together to design a single system conveniently managed by a VDI stack. The VDI stack is a combination of a gateway, connection broker, and display protocol. You have more flexibility and the option to change the location of your resource hosting. This type of fluidity will define the future of IT.

Convergence/Hyper convergence

Look for an increasing array of pre-bundled packages that integrate computing, storage, and networking in one certified solution that is easy to manage. The result is that companies can quickly deploy the packages making it convenient for organizations of all sizes, in every industry.

This means that the need for skilled staff will decrease. In addition, companies can have the option to select fewer elements to support the systems they already have.


Virtualization will power the type of automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence that will paint our future. All systems and appliances will talk to each other. Is the refrigerator broken? It can self-heal. Has the A/C gone out in the middle of a scorching summer? It will contact the nearest service technician. Hello, Internet of Things!

Your mug can tell you if you need to drink more water for the day. Or, your pet supply company will deliver pet food exactly when you need it just minutes after you run out. Robots can be employed as personal chefs, learning how to make your favorite dishes. Your TV screen will be fluid, without the need for hardware. And, it will switch channels for you without a remote.

This is how virtualization will change the future of IT. Is virtualization a part of your IT skill set?


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