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How to Study for (And Pass) Network+ in 10 Weeks


So you’re looking to get the IT job of your dreams and you determined the vendor-neutral nature of CompTIA is a good place to start. You thought about getting your A+ cert and learning the computer basics, you thought about diving into the depths of security and starting off with your Sec+ cert. But in the end, you decided that learning the basics of networking and getting your Net+ is the way to go.

The CompTIA Network+ certification is a solid entry point for learners starting their IT careers in networking. It’s one of our most popular courses here at CBT Nuggets, and is highly sought after by employers seeking entry-level IT professionals. This certification qualifies learners for roles including network administrator, technician, installer, help desk technician, or IT cable installer.

We have a strategy that will help you learn all the material on the Network+ exam in a 10-week time frame using our course taught by trainer Keith Barker.

We laid out how you can spend your next 10 weeks studying for and conquering your Net+ certification in a week-by-week format:

Week 1:
Watch CompTIA Network+ video Nuggets 1-11

During your first week of training, you’re going to cover the basics and get a primer on networking, routers and switches, firewalls, DHCP and DNS, among other topics.

But before you start training, you should take a Transcender® practice exam! Yes, we mean before you’ve even watched your first Network+ video Nugget. Use the results from your first exam to structure your ongoing studies. You haven’t started training, so keep in mind that you probably won’t ace the exam. But it will establish a benchmark for future practice exams.

At this point, you may want to consider purchasing an exam preparation book to supplement your video training. (There are lots of good ones, so choose the one you feel will best meet your needs!)

We also recommend taking a peek at the official CompTIA website to learn more about the Network+ exam, its requirements, and available resources.

If you want to train on the go, download the CBT Nuggets app to your various devices (iOS, Google Play or Android) so you can train anytime you want.

Week 2:
Watch Network+ video Nuggets 12-14 / IPv4 Subnetting Nuggets 1-8

On top of gaining an understanding of the OSI Model and ARP, you should have a foundational understanding of IPv4 to take on the Network+ exam. This week, Keith is going to ask you to jump over to his IPv4 subnetting course: IPv4 Subnetting: The Ultimate Guide with Keith Barker. We think it’s a really good idea for you to join him.

You should also download and review the CompTIA Network+ exam objectives this week. Use these objectives to help shape your training in the weeks ahead!

Week 3:
Watch IPV4 Subnetting video Nuggets 9-16 / Network+ video Nuggets 15-17

This week, you’re going to finish learning everything you need to know about IPv4 subnetting, along with the concepts of NAT and IPv4 addressing.

Start creating flashcards to aid your learning. Or, use flashcard services out there like Quizlet to ensure you are getting all you can out of your training!

This week, try finding interested parties to whom you can teach your Network+ knowledge. As we have said before about other certification masteries, the best way to understand something is to be able to teach it to someone else.

Week 4:
Watch Network+ video Nuggets 18-28

The crucial task that you absolutely need to do this week, aside from watching your video Nuggets, is to schedule your certification exam with an approved testing site. Setting a date will help you hold yourself accountable, and this means you really need to stick to your schedule so you can pass your Net+.

In the Nuggets you’re watching this week, Keith is going to teach you about routing, trunking, switch management concepts, and port bonding!

It’s important for you to work through the flashcards you started making last week. Getting in the habit of going through them will develop and improve your retention of information.

Since you’re now in it to pass this exam, join the CBT Nuggets Learners Community on Slack! Join other CBT Nuggets learners in a community where you can post questions, share study resources, and connect with IT experts from all over the world.

There is also a Comments feature on the CBT Nuggets website that you might want to start exploring this week. In this section, you can post comments or questions about your training and get responses from the CBT Nuggets community!

Week 5:
Watch Network+ video Nuggets 29-39

In these Nuggets, you’re going to learn about cabling, and port mirroring and troubleshooting, among other concepts.

This week, poke around the CBT Nuggets blog so you can specifically discover how to get the most out of your study game! We recommend that you check out our posts on Network+ Exam Tips, Network+ Resources, and 10 Ways to Up Your Study Game.

Retake your Transcender® practice exam this week! Use the results to drive your ongoing training. Generally speaking, you should be able to score about 90 percent on the practice exams if you expect to pass your certification exam.

Week 6:
Watch Network+ video Nuggets 40-47 / IPv6 video Nuggets 2-3 / Network+ video Nugget 48

This week, you will go through some Network+ Nuggets about WANs, VPNs, and virtualization. But to be successful on the Network+ exam, learners should have basic familiarity with IPv6. Keith is going to ask that you complete just two Nuggets from his IPv6 course. We strongly recommend you take him up on this.

Time is counting down and you have about a month until you are going to take your exam. Gather support for your training by sharing your training goals with friends, family, and colleagues. If you play your cards right, they all will hold you accountable and make sure you are successful in your training.

Week 7:
Watch Network+ video Nuggets 49-59

These Nuggets are going to teach you about network topologies, infrastructures, and isolations, among other topics.

This week is a good time to download and review the CompTIA Network+ exam objectives. These exam objectives should help you to guide your training in the next few weeks!

Week 8:
Watch Network+ video Nuggets 60-70

In these Nuggets, you will go over some network security concepts, including DoS attacks, switch port security, and other security techniques.

You only have a couple more weeks to go, so now would be the time to learn exactly what to expect on your exam. The passing score is 720 and you will have a maximum of 90 minutes to complete your exam.

Week 9:
Watch Network+ video Nuggets 71-77

In the last Nuggets of the Network+ course, you’re going to learn about Network Access Control Models, Computer Forensics, Racks, Labels, and More. And after you finish these up, you’ll be done with the course. Don’t forget to print out your Certificate of Completion!

You should retake the Transcender® practice exam one more time! Use your final practice exam results to identify areas where you need to brush up ahead of your exam. Review any areas where you could use some additional study, based on the results of your latest practice exam.

Week 10:
Study up, it’s certification exam time!

You made it to the final week! Congrats. It’s now time for you to study up on your weak spots you found by taking those Transcender® practice exams, rewatch a few Nuggets, and be proud of your accomplishments. You’ve learned so much over the last few months. So take a minute to pat yourself on the back. It’s awesome.

Keep in mind that it’s perfectly natural to have a little test anxiety. Try channeling your nervousness into anything other than test preparation. Play some video games. Watch a movie. Take a walk. Give yourself a break, and try to get some rest, too. You need to be performing at full capacity on exam day, and you aren’t going to cram any more information in your head by pulling a last-minute study session.

And with that, you’re ready! Go conquer your exam, and remember to celebrate your success.

However you decide to take on watching these videos over the next 10 weeks, you should supplement all video training with book study and practical application of your knowledge. It’s also a good idea to develop a test environment where new skills can be practiced.

Keep in mind that each learner has their own training journey for attaining any certification, and how you need to personalize your journey to meet your own needs. Our Accountability Coaches will help you go through each step of the process, and provide personalized guidance for you to make sure you’re able to meet your goals.

Watch. Learn. Conquer your CompTIA Network+ N10-006 in only 10 weeks with CBT Nuggets!

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