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New Training: Using REST APIs and JSON

by Michael Hess
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Published on January 14, 2021

In this 11-video, entry-level training, Chuck Keith covers the knowledge cloud administrators need to write REST APIs and take full advantage of existing protocols to build large scalable systems.

Watch this REST API training.

If your job involves keeping client-host interactions smooth and predictable, you need this REST APIs and JSON training. Keeping your caches available, managing which architecture layer is used, and ensuring your Code on Demand gets transmitted are just a few of the things you’ll master with this training.

The course covers topics such as structure of a REST request, five types of request that can be sent to a server, and including all necessary data data in stateless requests as well as:

  • REST API Lab

  • Becoming a Network Developer

  • Navigating a REST API

  • Interpreting JSON

  • Programming Playground Lab

This training includes:

  • 1 hour of training

  • 11 videos

Watch a video from the series:

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Start learning about REST and JSON today!

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