Skills Update: February 5, 2021
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Skills Update: February 5, 2021

In the last week, we released nine skills for these courses:

  • Azure Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Junos OS Fundamentals
  • Junos User Interfaces
  • AWS Cloud Automation
  • Working with Amazon S3

Azure Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Design Azure Monitoring, Logging, and Alerting Solutions

Join Knox Hutchinson as he explores monitoring and alerting solutions in Azure using Azure Monitor, Azure Sentinel, and custom built solutions leveraging the Event Grid.

Watch this Azure training.

Junos OS Fundamentals

Understand the Junos OS Architecture

Join Knox Hutchinson as he breaks down the architecture of the Junos operating system and teaches you how it differs from other vendors.

Watch this Junos training.

Junos User Interfaces

Navigate the Junos CLI

Join Knox Hutchinson as he explains the basics of how to navigate a Junos CLI and configuration hierarchy

Watch this Junos training.

Understand Junos Configuration Datastores

Join Knox Hutchinson as he explores the Junos architecture of configuration datastores and rollback capabilities.

Watch this Junos training.

AWS Cloud Automation – AWS Training

Automate Amazon S3 Object Storage with PowerShell

Join Trevor Sullivan as we explore how to manage Amazon S3 object storage using the AWS Tools for PowerShell.

Watch this AWS training.

Automate Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) with PowerShell

Join Trevor Sullivan as we explore how to use Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) from PowerShell. Learn how to set up an AWS PowerShell development environment, how to create an Amazon SNS topic with PowerShell, how to send a message to an SNS topic with PowerShell, and more.

Watch this AWS training.

Managing Cloud Resources with AWS CloudFormation and PowerShell

Join Trevor Sullivan as we combine the power of AWS CloudFormation and PowerShell to manage your AWS cloud resources!

Watch this AWS training.

Leverage EC2 Image Builder to Automate Operating System Image Builds

Join Trevor Sullivan as we explore how EC2 Image Builder works, and how you can automate your image creation process end-to-end.

Watch this AWS training.

Working with Amazon S3

Hosting a Static Failover Website using Amazon S3 and Route53

Join Bart Castle as he covers Amazon S3 support for static website hosting. Gain an understanding of how to configure the bucket and object permissions, as well as a domain name and optional CloudFront CDN support. Learn how to use a S3 static website as a failover from a production website using Route53 healthcheck.

Watch this AWS training.


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