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New Course: CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-003)

by Team Nuggets
New Course: CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-003) picture: A
Published on July 16, 2021

In this 218-video, entry-level training, CBT Nuggets trainers Bart Castle covers the knowledge cloud specialists need to maintain and optimize cloud infrastructure services and perform effectively in data center jobs.

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CompTIA’s Cloud+ is, just like so many of their certifications, vendor-neutral. The obvious strength of a vendor-neutral cert is that it means you’re a generalist and broadly knowledgeable. You may not know a certain cloud provider’s deepest, darkest UI shortcuts, but you have a wide understanding of what’s possible in the cloud and how to accomplish it, no matter what service or manufacturer you find yourself on.

This Cloud+ training gives you everything you need to prepare for the Cloud+ certification and covers the diverse skills and knowledge needed to excel in a data center job.

The 32-part training covers topics such as analyzing system requirements so you can successfully migrate work to the cloud, allocating the right cloud resources according to performance data, and providing maintenance to keep your system and operations running smoothly.

Watch a video from the course:

The skills that comprise this training include:

Topics this training covers include:

  • Cloud Service Architectures and Patterns

  • Quiz and Review

  • Hybrid versus Multi-Cloud

  • Why Get a CompTIA Certification?

  • Statement of Work

This training includes:

  • 35 hours of training

  • 218 videos

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