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New Course: CCNP Data Center (300-610 DCID)

by Team Nuggets
New Course: CCNP Data Center (300-610 DCID) picture: A
Published on February 10, 2022

In this 492-video, intermediate training, CBT Nuggets trainer Jeff Kish covers the knowledge network engineers need to design a data center that meets network, compute, storage network or automation requirements by incorporating excellent design principles.

Watch this new Cisco Data Center training.

Any network engineer who was forced to spend any part of their career neck-deep in out-dated or badly planned-out data center has dreamt of what they’d do if they had the resources to build a data center of their own from the ground up. This training makes sure that once you’re in that position, you’re prepared.

Not every network engineer will be lucky enough to design brand new data centers with no externalities, but this 300-610 DCID training prepares you for any limitation or consideration. Recognize great data center design and how to implement it with this course.

The 75-part series covers topics such as optimizing mobility and redundancy on Layer 2 and Layer 3 connections, planning device and routing virtualization for a data center, and implementing data center redundancy and interconnectivity.

Watch a video from the series:

The skills that comprise this series include:

Topics this training covers include:

  • Review and Quiz

  • Virtual Device Contexts (VDCs)

  • Data Center L3 Network Design

  • VXLAN as DCI

  • DCI WAN Technologies

This training includes:

  • 63 hours of training

  • 492 videos

Start learning Cisco Data Center today!

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